Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Angry Birds Fruit Snacks

Angry Birds Fruit Snacks
Even though I am about to be 25 years old…my mother still likes to buy me little treats for Easter. This year I got a box of Angry Birds fruit snacks. I had seen these around and I do enjoy the Angry Birds game (bomb-bird is the best!) plus gummy snacks are my favorite candy of all time. I just love gummy treats.

The package for the snacks is very bright and playful, I like the idea of different birds being on each box but there is no Bomb-Bird box! When I opened it up I noticed the plastic baggy actually had ‘Angry Birds’ printed on it. Very rarely do any candy companies print anything on the these baggies, and it was nice to see a little design inside the bag.

These gummies look pretty cute, they are detailed (some more than others) and stand up on their own allowing kids (or 24 year olds…) to play with them a bit before eating.

Taste wise….these were pretty bad. The yellow bird tastes more like a lemon cleaning product than lemons. The Piggy shape tastes absolutely nothing like apple at all…and the other birds taste very artificial. I wouldn’t buy these again, but they were fun to have once. The kids at my teaching job enjoy these snacks and often have them packed in their lunches, if you were having an Angry Birds themed party then these would be great, but if you want a yummy snack or treat…I’d pass on these.

Photos© Maria Smith
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