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THANK YOU for visiting my crumb-filled corner of the internet. 

Each and every one of you motivate me to push ahead with Sometimes Foodie, but it isn't easy. I'm a one-woman-show, and even though I love blogging, I'm work full time at a 9-5 job, run my online shop, care for pets, and handle all the fun obligations that come with adulthood and home-ownership. 

Simply put, blogging doesn't pay my bills. If you've ever wished that I would update more (or at least more consistently) here are some ways you can support the blog and keep Sometimes Foodie going.

WAYS to Support Sometimes Foodie!

Visiting SometimesFoodie.com - Visiting my blog each day, or sharing it with your friends and family, boosts my views which really helps me out with Google Analytics.
Comment on my posts - Engagement keeps things lively, and it helps me know what you guys want to see more of on the blog. Don't be scared, I won't bite. 
Share my posts on Social Media - Help the rest of the world know that I'm here, eating gross rainbow Twizzlers, or saving money by buying Aldi groceries. Sharing things on Social Media helps other people find my blog, and it shows me which posts you guys like more than others. 
Purchase goods from my Etsy or Redbubble Shops - Buying from either of those shops supports me, and the blog, plus all Etsy orders are shipped out with leftover (individually wrapped) candies that you've seen me review here on Sometimes Foodie. You get cool stuff, and candy I've reviewed, AND you support the blog. It's a win-win-win. I even have some fun food-themed products, like waterproof vinyl stickers, leggings, pillows, and jewelry
Support me on Patreon or Ko-fi - Or you can support me directly through my Ko-fi page or Patreon. Where you can get access to exclusive content, coupon codes, recipes, and more!
THANK YOU for any and all support. Without readers like you, I'm just another foodie screaming into the void. I look forward to writing more posts, sharing new products, and (hopefully) posting more videos so you guys can watch me make weird faces and butcher the pronunciations of various foreign products for years to come.
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  1. I have been followed you for a long time. I took a look at your shop on Etsy. So many remarkable items like jewelry, stickers, and pillows. You are my inspiration to strive myself. All things you do is great indeed.