Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rainbow Twizzlers - Dollar Tree $1.00

Rainbow Twizzlers - Dollar Tree $1.00
It goes against my frugal nature to spend money on an obviously bad product, but when it's only $1.00, and the product is rainbow-colored, I can let it slide. 
Look at these saturated colors! They're so intense and solid they're practically neon! Can something so vibrantly colored actually taste good? I doubt it, but who knows, maybe I'm wrong!
Each color is a different flavor, so inside this bag we have strawberry, orange, lemonade, watermelon, blue raspberry, and grape. The packaging is pretty straightforward, so rather than spend time on that, let's jump right in to the technicolor review!
Strawberry (pinkish-red): Isn't strawberry the "normal" flavor of Twizzlers? If so, why does this look so different? It's opaque, and it's practically a neon pink color. It tastes oddly creamy, and chalky, and not really strawberry-like, but it's not completely awful. It's almost like a normal Twizzler (which I do like) covered in cornstarch. Very bizarre, I prefer the normal Twizzlers to this opaque-plastic looking version.

(orange): Surprisingly okay. It's very zesty, with a lot of orange rind-notes, and a slightly juicy finish. Easily the best flavor in the bag, but once you try the other flavors, you realize that isn't a compliment.

Lemonade (yellow): Smells like Play-dough, tastes like wax and lemon pledge. This is another zesty citrus flavor, and one of the least awful flavors in the bag, but it's still not great.

Watermelon??? (Green): Oh, it's bad. It's so bad. What is this?! Is this supposed to be watermelon? I just...I don't see what this horrible fake flavoring is supposed to be recreating. It kind of makes me think of green apple, but it tastes like waxy sweetened plastic, I figure it has to be watermelon by default, but it tastes nothing like it.

Blue Raspberry (blue): Tastes like I'm eating a blue raspberry Chapstick. A little waxy and bland, but it's okay. At least it's better than the Watermelon. At this point these pretty rainbow Twizzlers have lost all their appeal and I really REALLY don't want to eat any more of them.

Grape (purple): Last one! Okay, I can do this. My taste buds might be desperate, but this one is surprisingly not awful. It has some really fake concord grape flavoring, which reminds me of cold medicine, but after what my tongue has been through, this is actually pretty pleasant. I don't hate it.
There's no sugar coating it, these suck. All these super saturated photos were a nice change of pace for me art-wise, but eating them was torture! Now that they've served their purpose, I am tossing them right in the trash. Which is very rare. Normally I try to eat everything I review, since I hate wasting money and wasting food, but this was only $1.00, and I am fairly certain it is NOT food. Goodbye, Rainbow Twizzlers. You will not be missed. 
Can't say I would recommend these to anyone, but in all fairness they were fun to photograph, so maybe they'd make fun photo props or craft supplies. 
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  1. I tried these back in 2014, these were actually good. I cut my stock of them into thirds so I could snack on them

    1. Maybe they changed the formula. It's a shame these tasted so awful, because they're really pretty, but it seems like a lot of other food reviewers within the last 2 years have disliked these.

    2. I first tried these in 2006. All the flavors except the blue one were good. Then 8 years later, I came back to try them again, and I liked every flavor, including the blue one.

      These Twizzlers have a different texture than the red ones (softer, a bit more taffy like)

    3. Flavors in order most to least favorite:
      1. Yellow
      2. Green
      3. Blue
      4. Red
      5. Orange
      6. Purple