The Girl Behind The Gut

Welcome to my gluttonous corner of the internet! 

I'm Maria, the food-obsessed Jersey girl behind Sometimes FoodieMy Ko-fi.

Sometimes Foodie started out as a micro-blog on Tumblr, where I posted food-related content with brief reviews a few times a week. My original goal was to improve my photography and writing skills, but blogging quickly became something more. Eventually I outgrew the micro-blogging format, and found a new home on Blogger. This is a personal blog, and being such, I do not accept guest posts or sponsored content.

After several years of consistent blogging, my writing skills have improved considerably, so I made it official and bought the domain name,, set up this blog, and the rest is history. (Well, not really history, but you get the idea.)

When I'm not blogging about food, I can be found on Etsy, selling various handmade goods, pampering my spoiled, equally food-obsessed, rescue Pomeranians, Jack-Jack and Pepper, or smothering my three rescue cats, Zelda, Prudence and Winnie. 

Get a Grip on my Tastebuds: 
See if my tastes match yours

Pie or Cake?: Pie 
Tacos or Sushi?: Sushi 
Coke or Pepsi?: Pepsi
Ramen or Pho?: Ramen 
m&m's or Skittles?: Skittles 
McDonald's or Burger King?: Wendy's
Ketchup or Mustard: On Burgers? Both. Hot dogs? Mustard & Relish 
Ketchup On-Top of Fries? Or On The Side?: On the side, as it should be!
Favorite Ben & Jerry's Flavor: Cherry Garcia
Favorite Pizza: Veggie Supreme or Cheeseburger
Favorite Soda Flavor: Cherry Cola or the Coke Remix Raspberry 
Favorite Cookie: Jam-filled or Gingerbread
Favorite Potato Chip Flavor: All Dressed or Paprika
Favorite Food Network Chef: Barefoot Contessa <3
Favorite Limited Edition Oreo: Marshmallow Crispy, Cotton Candy, or Banana Split 
Favorite Twinkie: BANANA all day every day
Go-To Chinese Take-Out Order: General Tsos (spicy) with white rice 
Go-To Movie Snack: Cherry Icee, but only the white-cherry version 
Candy of Choice: Gummies, either classic Haribo Bears or Kasugai 
Beverage of Choice: Water with Lemon

I Don't Eat/Like: Veal, Mushrooms (I like mushrooms now!), or Porkroll

Other people I mention on the blog: 
A little breakdown of the people in my life that I split my calories with.
- My sister, Amanda, who hates celery and is allergic cilantro
- My mother, who has zero tolerance for spiciness
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  1. Nice blog, I like to stop by every week:)

  2. I go to Target at least 1x a week. I will email you the next time I see a new flavor (I always check). Now you just need someone for WM (I am not a WM shopper).

  3. Hi! Favorite Day is Target's house-brand, and this was a Halloween item they released. It's likely sold out now, but it could return next year for Halloween. I would check online since most stores no longer have any Halloween items left. Good luck searching!