Friday, July 9, 2021

Whatchamacallit VS Whozeewhatzit Battle of the Bars

Battle of the Bars

The peanut buttery candy bar with a silly name, Whatchamacallit, now has a sibling, the Whozeewhatzit. Together they make for a cohesive pair branding and name-wise, but will the new chocolate-focused bar be strong enough to stand on it's own? 

I know for a fact that I have eaten a Whatchamacallit before in my life, but I honestly can't remember when, or if I even liked it, so I picked up both to refresh my memory and see how they compare.  

So, who's on first? 


Caramel, peanut flavors crisps, and milk chocolate

Light, crispy, with some great Nutter Butter-esque peanut-flavoring. Like a peanut butter wafer bar, but better. Because caramel makes everything better. I have always liked peanut butter, but never really enjoyed actual peanuts. So for me, this is perfect and far superior to Snickers. Why don't I buy these more often?  

I feel like this is the candy bar that main-stream candy eaters forget about, I know I do, but it is yummy and worthy of it's spot on the shelf. With a unique name like that, you'd think I would remember it more...

Peanut butter, chocolate crisps, and milk chocolate 

This time around the chocolate is the main attraction, which would be perfectly fine, but it is not great quality. In fact, nothing here is great quality. 

The crisps are kind of like knock-off Cocoa Pebbles, a lot of texture and not-so much flavor, the peanut butter is very weak, again more like a lower-end breakfast cereal version, and the chocolate is almost more of a creamy texture than a flavor. Nothing here is bold enough to overpower the obvious sub-par ingredient quality. It's a shame, because bars like these used to taste great. Remember Crunch bars as a kid? Or Krackle? Their drop in quality ingredients completely ruined them. (I had a mini Crunch bar last Halloween and it was a waste of calories. Get yourself together!) The same thing happened here. Simple concept, decent potential to be yummy, but the low-cost ingredients couldn't stick the landing.

For me, the Whatchamacallit is the superior bar, it's bold peanut buttery flavoring is able to mask the lower quality ingredients making it feel slightly more substantial and flavorful. 

Whozeewhatzit has potential, but I'm not sure the candy companies are willing to put in the effort (and money) to focus on better ingredients to make it work. In the end, I'll stick to buying Whatchamacallit...that is, when I manage to remember it exists.  

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    It is too bad that I never tried this confection before. If I had I am sure I would agree that whatchamacallit tastes better than who z what zit which is a completely made-up word.

  2. Whatchamacallit has always been one of my faves, and now Whozeewhatzit is too... they're both yummy. I don't see them often but when I do, I grab a couple. If both are on the shelf, even better. I'm not like this with any other bars.

    1. 100% in agreement. So hard to find a whoozeewhatzit now unfortunately