Saturday, December 31, 2016

BNutty Irresistible Pretzel Peanut Butter (Sample Review)

BNutty Irresistible Pretzel Peanut Butter - Sample from the Summer Fancy Food Show
Part of my pre-2017 stash busting includes finally getting to some of these samples from the Summer Fancy Food Show. That's right, SUMMER. Well, better late than never, right? 
There are people out there who LOVE peanut butter. I've never quite understood the obsession. Sure, peanut butter is great, and I enjoy PB&J sandwiches and Reeses cups from time to time, but some people take it to the extreme.
There all all these protein peanut butter spreads made to taste like guilty pleasure foods, a peanut butter grilled cheese recipe exists, PB smeared burgers are taking over America, and peanut butter ice cream is being topped with with peanut butter sauce, peanut butter cups and Reeses Pieces. When I was a high-school-foodie, I worked at Friendly's scooping ice cream and waiting tables, and I was shocked at all the Reeses sundaes that were ordered with tons of extra PB sauce and peanut based toppings. It's an obsession that has it's own branch in the foodie community, and I just don't get the intense appeal. 
I'll have a peanut butter sandwich from time to time, and the occasional peanut butter cup, but I have never in all my life just happily snacked on peanut butter. Until now.  
This stuff tastes fantastic! 
We have a very light, and creamy, peanut butter spread that doesn't stick to the roof of my mouth, and it tastes like a mild peanut butter, mixed with Reeses cup filling, vanilla chocolate chips, and itty bitty crunchy pretzel pieces. It's delicious, but it's really the texture that has completely won me over. It's so light and crispy! Like crunchy Biscoff, but with pretzels and a light hint of saltiness, without making my mouth feel like it's been glued shut or covered in peanut oil. 
I really loved this sample, and this product, so I looked the company up and they offer a sample pack of 10 flavors in little 2oz containers just like this one for only $20! That's not bad at all! It would have made for great, affordable, foodie stocking stuffers! I'll have to keep it in mind for next year! 
FYI this post was not sponsored, but I WISH IT WAS. If BNutty want to send a little sample pack my way...I wouldn't mind. 
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