Friday, December 30, 2016

Popcorn Flavored Cocoa?

Limited Edition Sweet Popcorn Options Cocoa - Gift from Food Review UK
So this has been in my stash for ages, because I really didn't want to review it, but after trying the Buttered Popcorn Mike and Ike's I figured there was no better time than the present.

Since it's just a little hot cocoa packet there's not much for me to talk about as far as packaging, so let's skip the packaging portion of the review and get this over with get right down to it!

The instructions are no different from any other hot cocoa on the market, all I had to do was put the kettle on, wait for it to boil, then mix the hot water with the powder inside the packet.
On it's own, the powder looks and smells just like normal cocoa, no hint of salt, or butter, or any of the other artificial popcorn flavorings. Usually I would comment on how disappointing that is, when products don't look and smell as promised, but in this case I'm glad. I hate popcorn flavored sweets so if this ends up tasting like normal cocoa, I'll be happy as a clam!

I added the water, stirred everything together, and that was that. Instant cocoa. Just like normal.

Moment of truth! What does it taste like?

Not popcorn! Yay! Even though I'm grateful that this doesn't taste anything like those Mike and Ike's, it still isn't a great cup of cocoa. This stuff is barely chocolatey, and there's a strong artificial sweetener aftertaste from the sucralose and ace K. Mix all that mediocrity with a hint of salt, which was meant to represent the popcorn, and it's a pretty bland and disappointing cup of cocoa.

Whether you're a popcorn candy lover, or a hater like me,this hot cocoa is a pretty big let down. It doesn't taste like popcorn, it's barely chocolatey, and it's filled with fake sugars. It's only 39 calories, so maybe you calorie counters will find that interesting, but it's pretty awful. I rather spend those calories on other OPTIONS. (See what I did there?)
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