Thursday, February 15, 2018

Maui Onion Chips!

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

My Boyfriend Went KETO - The Worst Culinary Week of My Life

I didn't plan on writing about this (hence the bad cellphone pics), but it turned out to be a really interesting experience and worth blogging about. 
Mid-December, wanting to be healthier for the New Year, my boyfriend suggested we go Keto, and my original response was, "I'd rather die." 
At that point I only understood the most basic concept of Keto, which is that it limits carbohydrate intake, forcing your body into burning fat stores instead. Wanting to strengthen my argument (and hoping to talk my boyfriend out of it) I started researching Ketogenic diets online. Several weeks of Pro-Keto YouTube videos, blog posts, recipes, and Reddit threads later, I had a much better understanding...and I still refused to do it. 
As I thought, the goal of a Ketogenic diets is to burn keytones for energy, and to do that, you need to cut your carb intake down to very VERY low levels, somewhere between 20-100 grams per day, while eating a diet rich with proteins and fats. This dietary-lifestyle has it's benefits, like balancing out sugars for diabetics, or treating some forms of epilepsy, but it's pretty extreme for a casual dieter such as myself. To put it into perspective, one average-sized apple contains 25 grams of carbs. If you're on the lower end of the carb-limiting spectrum, that already put you over your daily limit. 
Now, more informed, and still refusing to do it (this time with a better argument), I still  supported my boyfriend's decision to give it a try. Instead of joining him on his diet journey, I supported him by cooking Keto recipes all week. There were some successes, a lot of failures, and intense grumpiness...

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Quickie Review - Sparkling Fresh Cider

Sparkling Cider - Aldi
I came home from work last Thursday, made dinner, ate in front of the TV, and took an unscheduled three hour nap on the couch. (Livin' the dream.) Let me tell you, couch naps at 30 aren't what I thought they'd be, because I destroyed my neck. 
When I woke up I discovered that I could only turn my head, slightly, to the left. I've been taking pain medicine, propping myself with pillows at night, and using heat to loosen my muscles. It's getting better, but it's still not great. I actually hurt myself more when I sneezed earlier...When did I turn into a glass-banana? I should be reviewing milk or something to try and boost my calcium to fix my brittle little bird-bones, but I'm going to have this sparkling cider instead.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

#TBT Remember Starbuck's Unicorn Frappe?

This was a post I started writing a LONG time ago, 
thought it'd be fun to clean it up, add pics, and post it for today's #tbt  
To celebrate (finally) having hot water in my home, I took a break from home repair last week to pop into Starbucks. (Something I never do.) Why? Because of unicorns. 
That's right. I went against my better judgement and bought into the fancy unicorn drink craze along with all the other food bloggers and Instagramers. What can I say? It's pretty, and I'm a sucker. 
So, how was it?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

It's Always Tea Time - Pomegranate & White Tea Gummy Pandas

Pomegranate & White Tea Gummy Pandas - Gift from Work
Another tea-themed candy! This time it's a gummy candy, which is my favorite kind of candy, so I'm pretty excited. 
The packaging is really simple, it's another gusseted plastic bag, but this time it has a shiny finish and it's resealable. Instead of the faux vintage look of the hard Tea Candies I reviewed yesterday, this product is going for a  crisp, but colorful, design that lets the product do all the foot work. (Along with some nice fruity imagery.) The outside is really appealing, but there's something inside that I wasn't prepared for...

Monday, January 15, 2018

Hello, is it Tea You're Looking For? - Iced Tea Flavored Candy

Tea Candy, Classic Iced Tea - Gift from Work
I actually found an awesome Lionel Richie mug with that exact saying at the thrift store. 
Most of you know that I got a new job a few months ago, I'm still a graphic designer, but instead of making business cards and custom invites, I'm working with food! Right before the holidays I received a big gift basket filled with different specialty products, like these tea-flavored candies. They sound really refreshing, so let's get this review started!