Saturday, June 17, 2017

Firework Oreos - Walmart

Firework Oreos - Walmart 
I've missed blogging (and you guys) so much!!
Fixing up my new home is kicking my butt. Every free moment I have goes to painting, repairing, scheduling, or cursing like a sailor as I discover new horrible things previous home owners have done. It's like an infuriating game of hide and seek, but with permits and inspections and a lot of rage. As my step-dad put it, "Welcome to the 30 year club". We don't get matching jackets (sadly), but in the end, I'll all be worth it. 
I'm a bit rusty, so I figured I'd get back into the swing of things with something simple and short. Enter: Fireworks Oreos.
Plain 'ol chocolate Oreos with some totally-not-Pop-Rocks mixed into the creme. (Shh, you wanna get sued?) Flavor-wise, we all know what to expect, but is the popping effect worthy of the name "Firework"? We shall see...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wahlburgers Review / What I Ate at Camden Comic Con

Our Burger, Wahlburgers Food Truck - $11
I've missed you guys! 
I sincerely apologize for being MIA the last few weeks, but homeownership is really kicking my butt. I've been posting some home-related progress on my Sometimes Foodie Instagram account (check my stories) so you guys can see how much work this has all been. Even with all the help I've been getting from my amazing family and friends, I just haven't had the energy (or time, or funds...) to keep up with all the latest food trends and blogging. I'm sure I must have missed at least three Oreos by now, but I'm back today with a quick review of Wahlburgers! 
A pop culture and food-junkie's dream. 
Earlier this month I sold at Camden Comic Con, which is an awesome free event I've participated in several times, but this year was special. The convention hosted some really awesome food trucks, and since I have no life and have no hopes of going into the city to get some blog-worthy grub, I seized this opportunity! I went outside and immediately spotted a food truck plastered with Mark Wahlberg's face! His brothers were on there too...but come on guys, it's Marky Mark! Don't worry, it wasn't a sleep-deprived paint-fume-fueled hallucination on my part, Mark Wahlberg actually has his own burger joint in Philadelphia, Wahlburgers! Being the huge pop culture junkie I am, I had to have it. Sorry other food trucks, but I gotta "Feel it, feel it!"
Are you guys ready to drown in Marky Mark YouTube links? Because there's gonna be a LOT of them.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Japanese Screaming Intense Super Sour Plum Candy

Japanese Screaming Intense Super Sour Plum Candy - Asian Food Market $1.79
Sorry for the hiccups in posting. House-buying and moving stuff has my after-work hours pretty tied up these days, but we're closing THIS FRIDAY! I'll finally get the keys and the place will be mine! Hooray!! It still needs a lot of repairs, and cleaning, before I can move in, but I'm a home owner! Which is definitely something worth screaming about.

So, let's celebrate with some Screaming Intense candy! (Will I be able to handle it?)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

#tbt Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes - Walmart

#tbt Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes - Walmart
Are you ready for another pumpkin spice throw back Thursday? I know I am!
Actually, this might be the last pumpkin spiced product in my stash. I don't see anything else hiding in my cabinet, but knowing my food hoarder ways...something might pop up in a week or two.
First world food blogger problems, am I right? Oh well, let's eat some 6 month old Cupcakes!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tropical Sour Patch Kids - Walmart

 Tropical Sour Patch Kids - Walmart
Look out guys, they're are some new kids on the block! Sour Patch Kids came out with a new mix. Will it be just as good as the original version? Or is it a flop? We shall see!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Quickie Chips Reviews: Southwestern Queso & Beer n' Brats

Southwestern Queso 

Smell: They smell like normal Cheddar & Sour Cream potato chips with a touch of taco seasoning.

Taste: Tostito's salsa con queso is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, so I was hoping this would be similar, but in chip-form, and sadly, it's not. In all fairness, this claims to be "queso," not "salso con queso," so maybe I was just setting my expectations a little too high, but I'm really glad I got this little bag because I'd never finish a giant one. These taste like cheddar-chips with some paprika and onion powder. Cheddar is the boldest flavor here, and even with the hints of veggie powders (bell peppers, onion and tomato), I find them to be pretty one-note and not all that enjoyable. But, I don't like cheddar and sour cream chips either. I prefer my cheesy snacks in cracker, curl, or crunchy Cheeto-form.

Beer 'n Brats 

Smell: These kind of remind me of the Hot Dog Pringles I reviewed a while back. (Which were surprisingly good!) Already these are way better than the other beer-based chips I've reviewed. (Which smelled like stale beer left out at a party.) If I had to guess the flavoring based on the scent alone, I never in a million years would have guessed these were beer-related. Mostly these smell like hot dogs and a little sauerkraut.

Taste: The bratwurst flavoring is what I noticed first, although it tastes more like bologna lunch meat than a cooked brat, but then the more complex aftertaste kicks in. If you get a chip with a lot of powdered seasoning on it, the aftertaste is more like the stale beer flavoring I've experienced before, which I am not a fan of, but the lighter seasoned chips have more of a sauerkraut-like finish which I like a LOT more. As most of you know, I still don't like beer. (I always try them since b/f likes it a lot, but none of them ever appeal to me beyond a few sips.) So this flavor is another "meh," for me personally, but if you really like hot dogs, bologna, beer, and chips...this could be your new favorite snack!

Both flavors are busts for me and my taste-buds. With that being the case, I'm really glad I was able to find them in these mini-bags at Walmart, because I'd be really bummed out if I wasted my money on the larger bags. Everyone likes different things, so if you're a fan of sour cream and cheddar chips, I bet the queso would be a great change of pace while keeping the cheese-y flavoring you love in the forefront. Beer and hotdog (or bologna) fans, you might think the Beer n' Brats hit it out of the park.

For a cheddar and sour cream chip hater like me, who isn't too keen on beer, I can finish both of these little bags, but I can't see myself ever repurchasing either flavor. Especially not in their full-sized form.
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Monday, March 13, 2017

Meltyblend Strawberry & Blueberry Chocolates

Meltyblend Strawberry & Blueberry Chocolates - Asian Food Markets $3.49 each
I know updating has been pretty sporadic while I finish up all this house-buying-business, but today I've got 2 reviews mashed up into one!

We've got Meiji's Meltyblend in, not one, but two fancy fruity flavors: strawberry, and blueberry!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tea π Peach Oolong Tea - Asian Food Markets

Tea π Peach Oolong Tea - Asian Food Markets $1.79
First off, hello to anyone stopping by after my food tasting and discussion at the Cherry Hill Public Library, and welcome to the blog!
If you don't know what I'm talking about, a few days ago I posted an event on facebook stating that I'd be doing a small panel at the local library's comic-con, highlighting Asian snacks, sweets, and the local markets where you can find them. (Like those DBZ cheese puffs, or those bakeable Kit-Kats.) 
If you were wondering what I was sipping on during the discussion, it was this: Chinese Peach Oolong Tea! I picked it up a the Asian Food Market just last week. The labeling caught my eye thanks to it's bold, flat, illustrations and if you turn it over, there's even an adorable little wiener dog! (Check him out under the cut.)