Friday, October 21, 2016

Maine Root Pumpkin Pie Soda & Fox's Rocky Horror Review

Maine Root Pumpkin Pie Soda - Aldi  
Maine Root isn't the only Pumpkin Pie soda on the block, and it's actually not the first one I've ever drank either. Years ago, back in the dark-ages of blogging when everyone was on Livejournal and Deadjournal, Jones Soda would release seasonal soda sets. There would be a Thanksgiving dinner set, with gravy, stuffing and other bizarre savory flavored sodas, and a pie set with different seasonal pie flavors. My mother bought the sets from Target so she and my sister and I could try every single flavor...but that was so long ago I can't remember how any of them tasted. I have a clear warning-sign-of-a-memory saying Thanksgiving dinner is NOT a good idea for sodas, but the pumpkin pie ones were completely forgotten. Was it so bad I blanked it out? Or was it simply overshadowed by the horror that was stuffing-flavored-soda?
Time to make some new memories! (Hopefully I'll retain these ones.)  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sweetarts Softbites (Halloween Edition) - Target

Sweetarts Softbites (Halloween Edition) - Target 
Target used to have the BEST Halloween stuff! Real ceramic and melamine plates (that I use year round), actual glassware, sturdy decor, and tons of seasonal sweets. Sadly, their seasonal decor and kitchenware has taken a dive in quality the last two years, but the candy section has yet to disappoint! Seeing all these skulls, pumpkins and bats on the shelves warms my gothic-heart. (I may not dress like it anymore, but my heart still beats for all things Halloween.) So I walked up and down the aisles and grabbed a bunch of Halloween goodies to review this week. I'm really excited, so let's get started!

Tastykake Pumpkin Cheesecake Baked Pie - Walmart

Tastykake Pumpkin Cheesecake Baked Pie - Walmart
Hold on to your cheesesteaks Philadelphians, I'm about to say something shocking.... I don't like Tastykake. 
Tastykake is a hugely popular snack company in the NJ-PA region. The company's offerings are pretty similar to Little Debbie and Hostess, so we're talking grocery-store-quality cookies, snack cakes, pies, and doughnuts, but they're more unique items are their baked pies, "Koffee Kakes" and "Kandy Kakes." If you haven't noticed by now, the Kompany really likes Kreative spelling.   
You can find their items at every 7-Eleven, Wawa, corner store and grocery shop in the area. I grew up with this company and it's offerings but I never really understood it's devoted fanbase. When people move away from the area one of the things they always miss (other than cheesesteaks and Wawas) are Tastykake's products. I just don't get the appeal. Then again, before you all start pelting me with soft pretzels and chasing me out of town, I don't like most grocery store cookies and snack cakes. It wasn't until very recently that I was converted by the ever awesome banana Twinkie and decided to give more of these products a chance. So, here we are with another Tastykake product, will this be the one to finally make me see the light? (Or is it more like drinking the Kool-Aid...let's hope not.)

Friday, October 14, 2016


Full blown reviews and updates are experiencing a bit of a hiccup while I deal with the madness that is a short sale to get my new home, but you guys can follow what I'm buying/snacking & eating on Instagram @sometimesfoodie

Check out this little teaser to see what you're missing out on.
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Thursday, October 13, 2016

4 Flavors of Fit & Active Fruit Bars - Aldi

4 Flavors of Fit & Active Fruit Bars - Aldi (Clearance .99 cents each)
I love food. I love cooking food, finding new foods, photographing food, eating food. Food makes me irrationally happy, and it's why I started a food blog, but every day I scroll through my Instagram feed and I see tons of people eating meal replacement bars, protein puddings, pro-gurts (protein yogurt), and other things that just look like soylent-protein-power-monstrosities. If it makes other people happy I'm all for it. I'm not knocking their lifestyle (especially since they seem far healthier and more active than I am) but eating that stuff would be torture for me. It takes all the fun and texture out of food!
Along with my lifelong love of food, I'm also a frugal shopper. I love a good deal, so when I saw that these Fit & Active bars were on sale at Aldi for only .99 cents a box, I thought this could be my version of a meal replacement bar. I typically don't eat breakfast, and I don't eat lunch until 1-2PM, so eating one of these for breakfast is probably a good idea, right? Then again, will a "healthy" fruit bar that only cost me .20 cents each taste good?

Monday, October 10, 2016

Olympic Games Frito-Lay's - Video Review

Sorry for the long hiatus, but I currently have a bid in on a house!! Please send me all your good house-buying vibes and reviews will be back on schedule very soon!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pumpkin Spice & Apple Crisp Wafers - Happy Birthday To Me

Voortman Limited Edition Fall Flavors - Pumpkin Spice & Apple Crisp - Walmart
It's my birthday! Since I've been so busy adulting and dealing with mortgage stuff It really crept up on me this year. I'm totally unprepared! I've got no plans, no cake, no nothing. Thankfully my food blogging habits have me surrounded with piles of seasonal sweets, so instead of celebrating with a cake this year, I'm going to munch on all this stuff and knock out some long overdue reviews. 
First up, these limited edition fall flavored wafers!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Aldi Pumpkin-pocalypse 2016! (Coming October 9th)

Prepare your pantries for Pumpkin-pocalypse 2016! All things pumpkin are popping up at Aldi next week! There are a LOT of returning products, so here's a list of SOME of Aldi items I've already reviewed:

Honorable Mention: Halloween Shaped Pasta (great for spooky pasta salad!!) 

Check out those reviews to see which items are worth adding to your pantry-patch!