Monday, May 20, 2019

Bougie Aldi Sparkling Water Breakdown

Sparkling Water Party!  - Aldi
We're cutting back on soda, as a household, and we've been looking to bubbly water to curb our cravings, and you know what? It's kind of working.
Although all the sugar and citric acid in soda isn't great, our real reason from cutting back is the amount of caffeine we've been ingesting. Between coffee, tea, and was just too much and it wasn't helping with our already erratic sleep schedules. (Well rested who? We don't know her.) 
Thankfully, Aldi has a lot of sparkling water/seltzer varieties to choose from including the bougie mainstream brand La Croix. It's been two weeks of bubbly water, so, here are a few of the items I picked up and what we think!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Take it all in. (That's what she said?)

American Globs Big Gay Ice Cream - Wawa
Big Gay Ice Cream is a company that's been on my foodie-radar for years I mean, they're an ice cream brand that have a theme song written by Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's! (Also she was Joan of Arc in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, which I love.) Popculture, cool graphics, and (potentially) yummy ice cream? I had to try it! 
They have ice cream trucks, brick and mortar locations, and sell ice cream pints in a handful of locations across the nation with one being right across the bridge from Jersey...but we all know that I never go anywhere. (I don't know how you other foodies have any energy for all that traveling!)  
Being the hermit I am, I longingly watched from afar as their brand grew and grew. Guess what? They started selling pints at Wawa! So, being the multi-tasker I am, I filled up my gas tank and grabbed a few pints to finally satisfy my snacking curiosity.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Is It Fall Yet? - Pumpkin Whipped Topping

Pumpkin Whipped Topping  - Shop Rite
No, we haven't traveled back in time and no, the Pumpkin Invasion of 2019 hasn't started early. I'm just a hoarder.
I bought this last fall thinking it would be an easy item to review that would get me back into the habit of blogging. We both know that didn't happen, but it has been in my fridge ever since.
Back in my blogging heyday, I used to go all out each fall and review pumpkin-flavored everything. We're not just talking Pumpkin spiced lattes. I've reviewed teas, pasta sauces, ravioli, pumpkin salsas...pretty much anything I could get my hands on. And you know what it did? It burnt me out. Big time. After three years I went from big ol' basic pumpkin-lover to a hater.  
After all this time off I've started to become interested in a few pumpkin products, but I've never fully recovered. Still, I saw this and found the idea intriguing. I mean, nothing goes better with pumpkin pie than whipped cream, and this would up the pie factor by at least 1000%. (I totally used real math skills there. It's a legit number.)

Saturday, May 4, 2019

A Hit and A Miss - The Yogurt Flavored Sweet-Tarts No One Ever Asked For

Lemon Candies  - Asian Food Markets
I'm alive~! I took a short (unscheduled) break, but I'm back at it again with the Tuesday & Thursday food posts and today's pick is a double feature with two different flavor variations of the same candy. 
I picked these up during the great "Hoard everything 'cause Asian Food Market is closing forever," sale. Instead of the usual case of me being suckered in by pretty packaging, this time I was blinded by the fear of missing out. (Also known as FOMO but that sounds stupid.) I bought everything that I had never seen at other Asian markets, these candies included, and the results have been hit or miss. Mostly miss, if I'm being honest, but I regret nothing!

Monday, April 15, 2019

A Feast of Thrones - By Sometimes, of House Foodie, First of Her Name, Pom-Leesi, Mother of Pomeranians, Breaker of Diets...

⋠ Game of Thrones Feast 

Tonight, we feast! My family celebrated the return of Game of Thrones with a fancy dinner, and I thought I would share our menu.
We aimed for more rustic fair, similar to stuff possibly eaten on the show, with a few themed novelties mixed in.  

Friday, April 12, 2019

Diagnosis: Splitsville (& My Top 5 Pop-Tarts Flavors)

Pop-Tart Splits  - Walmart
Have any one you seen a real-life Pop-Tart that looked anything like the picture on the front of the box? 
It seems that both Pop-Tarts and fast food burgers never look anything like their advertisements. Here we have perfect icing and giant sprinkles on the outside of the box which look amazing, but inside...

Monday, April 8, 2019

Are Reese's Thins The New Oreo Thins?

Reese's Thins  - Walmart
Originally, when Oreo Thins were released, I was unimpressed. I figured they were a money-grab giving us less cookie for the same same amount of money while hiding behind the guise of portion-control. Oh, how wrong I was. Well, not about the money grabbing part, but man, are they good. They're light and dangerously snackable. (Especially the Pistachio ones, which were my Oreo of the year for 2018.)
The "thin" trend has taken over the cookie aisle, and now it's made it way into candy. How to Reese's Thins compare? 

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Who Asked For These? - Snickers Creamy (3 Different Flavors)

Snickers Creamy Squares  - Walmart
More items from my unexpected, "I just want to Walmart for Command Hooks," junkfood haul!
It's been well documented on my blog, and our defunct podcast, Candyology 101, that I I'm a MilkyWay kind of girl, but now-a-days I live in a Snickers household. My fiance and his daughter both love Snickers bars, it's their go-to candy bar and the first one to disappear in our candy drawer. (Does every home have a candy drawer? Or is that just a me-thing?) So I grabbed these thinking that I may not be a fan, but my family could potentially love them. Oh, how wrong I was...