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Has coconut gone main stream? - Creamy Coconut Dr. Pepper

Has coconut gone main stream? 

While -I- grew up in a coconut loving family, I always felt like it was an unpopular food-opinion. Like raisins. Or black licorice. (But I also like raisins and grew to like black licorice.) That said, this sudden trend of Dirty Dr. Pepper and coconut infused soda caught me off guard. Has this soda trend converted the, "tastes like sunscreen,"-crowd to the coconut-y side? Is it -that- good? 

I actually had a hard time finding this, so my friend Stacey got this for me as a little gift from Wawa. (Thank you, Stacey!) 

Opened, the familiar Dr. Pepper scent is still there but it takes a backseat to the coconut. The fruity aroma is realistic, refreshing and a little oily, but in a good way. Think of full fat coconut milk, not sunscreen. For me, it instantly reminds me of summer and eating coconut fruit bars on the beach. I'm very excited.  

I took and sip, and it's perfect.

At a glance, it looks like typical Dr. Pepper, but it tastes like it's been mixed with sweetened coconut crème. The kind you use to make coquito or piña colada. Or maybe even a quality vanilla and coconut flavored ice cream. That's exactly what this is like, it's an ice cream float, but better! 

My go-to cola and ice cream combo is classic root beer with Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, it's delicious, but when you mix the soda and ice cream together you lose some of the carbonation. This has all the flavor of a delicious float combo, Dr. Pepper and coconut ice cream, but with all the bubbles in tact!    

It's impressively creamy for a brown-colored soda. How did they do it? Maybe CandyHunting can explain it to me.

The only note I have is, limited edition?! How dare you?  

I've enjoyed a lot of the products I've reviewed, but very few items have given me the urge buy multiples or stockpile. This is a stockpiler. I found a Walmart nearby with 12-packs in stock and I'm going to go grab a few to enjoy for as long as I can. If you're someone who likes coconut and likes Dr. Pepper, then you owe it to yourself to try this before it disappears. And if anyone out there with soda-influence ever sees this, if it can't be a permanent flavor, please make it a recurring one of the summer. Please and thank you! 

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