Thursday, December 29, 2016

Three Colors Crunch Ball Snacks - H-Mart

Three Colors Crunch Ball Snacks - H-Mart 
Three Colors. Crunch Ball. When I saw this adorable pastel and pink package at H-mart picking it up was a no-brainer.
Oh, this packaging. It's so freaking pretty! The colored snacks pop against a stark white, matte plastic, background with bold pops of a warm-toned pink, adorable little doodle-like illustrations, and gorgeous fruit photos. The little fruit images at the bottom are UV coated too! So they shine and stand out from the rest of the matte-finish design. I just...I love this. If this were printed onto fabric, I'd buy it and make throw pillows. I'd buy a tote bag that looked like this, hell, I'd likely buy a T-shirt to match! Then again, I'm a food and packaging obsessed weirdo, but the main take away is that this package is pretty and I love it.
Looks aren't everything though, will what's inside be as appealing? The little fruit-flavored puffed rice snacks look really cute on the package, but we all know you don't always get what food packaging promises.
Opening the bag, they're not as cute as the bag makes them seem, but they're still pretty freaking cute. We have imperfectly shaped little clumps of pastel-colored puffed rice in three colors, pink, green, and yellow. Each one has it's own flavor, and every once and a while you'll see a peanut hidden in one of the clusters. I'm not too thrilled about the peanut inclusion, but I'm still excited to try these!
Strawberry (pink) - lightly sweet, mildly fruity, and overall it tastes like a more authentic version Frankenberry cereal mixed with Rice Krispies. The flavoring isn't distinctly strawberry, more like a filler-fruit-apple-heavy berry beverage, but it's still refreshing and very breakfast-cereal-like. I like it a lot, but I am not a fan of the peanuts. When I do get a little puff with a peanut or two inside it give ma a PB&J sandwich-like profile and I'm not really feeling it as much as the strawberry on it's own. 
Apple (green) -  this one has a really light green apple flavoring that make me think of Apple Jack's cereal, but with a puffed rice crunch. Normally I hate green apple flavored stuff, but I like these a lot! It's almost like a rice cake that was glazed with apple juice. It's a mild, but recognizable, fruity flavor. I still don't care for the peanuts, but they're a little less noticeable with this flavor. 
Lemon (yellow) - the boldest of the three flavors. This one has a bright, and slightly zesty, lemon curd flavoring to it. Again, it's very light since all the flavoring is in the colored glaze, but this was easily the most refreshing and flavorful of the three, AND it covered up the peanut's flavoring rather nicely. Really lovely, like a lemon meringue pie-based breakfast cereal or rice cake.
For the most part I prefer seeking out peanut-less clusters, but even so, these are pretty darn good! You get a nice variety of fruity flavors, a satisfying crunch, and they aren't totally unhealthy for you either with it being only 149 calories per serving. Not bad!Even with the peanuts, I'd totally buy these again.

If you're someone who likes ricecakes, or light and fruity breakfast cereals, these are something you're going to want to try.
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