Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Shimmery White Chocolate m&m's - Target

Shimmery White Chocolate m&m's - Target
I was originally going to skip these, because they're just white chocolate m&m's with a shimmer coating, but they were on sale, and I thought they be fun for here we are!
The bag features the uncomfortably sultry Green m&m posing with some shiny presents and some bling-worthy arm-candy. As creepy as I find the sexualization of the green m&m, this bag has a dynamic layout and fun design. There's a faux textured gray and white background, which doesn't photograph all that well, but it looks great in-person. Then there's the crisp imagery, bright seasonal colors, and shimmery metallic-looking m&m illustrations. Everything looks really appealing, but I am fairly certain that the candies inside won't look just as good as their glamorized advertisement. 
I snipped off the corner and dumped some candies out for a better look and their luster is... lackluster.
Definitely not the shimmer gold-dust-covered candies the bag promised. I mean, they're festive colors, and they look appealing, but these don't look like golden chocolates to me. 
The candies look fairly normal at a distance, and you'd easily mistake them for the usual holiday-colored milk chocolate m&m offerings, but they're chunkier (similar to the bigger, rounder, limited edition flavors). When you get all up-close and personal with them, you can see that they're is some kind of edible luster dust on them, but it's no where near as impressive as the bag makes it out to be. 
Unless you really get in there, they just look kind of speckled, and textured. Plus, you can only really see the shimmer on the red shells. The effect is even fainter on the green, and nearly nonexistent on the white. My initial gut feeling was right, these are pretty "meh"-looking, but thankfully...
They taste great. Mars really does white chocolate candies well, and these taste sweet, buttery, rich and vanilla'd. Just like a decent white chocolate should taste. None of that white confectionery nonsense here! Even though these aren't adding any bling to my holiday decor, I'll have no trouble polishing this bag off before the new year. 
Since Christmas and seasonal stuff is all on sale right now, I suggest white chocolate fans grab a bag or two for some sweet off-season snacking that won't break the bank, but if you're buying these whole-price to spice up your dessert table, holiday baking, or your candy dish, you're going to be disappointed. (Want something sparkly and sweet? Jelly Belly does luster-dust better.)
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  1. More like shimmery BS. It looks like it been soaking into water and the color faded.