Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pigs N' Taters Chocolate Bar by Hammond's

Pigs N' Taters Bar - Target
There were a bunch of Hammond's bars in the Christmas section at Target and they just so happened to have a sale on buying three bars, and since I only had 2 stockings to fill this year, I treated myself to a little something sweet. And savory.

That's right! Not just a bacon and chocolate bar, but a bacon, chocolate and POTATO CHIP bar! And with a name like "Pigs N' Taters," how could I resist?

The packaging is very simple and clean, with chunky blocks of color. The other two bars I bought looks really classy and kind of elegant in their simplicity. This one a pink nightmare. Okay, nightmare is a little over the top, and I said it just so I could sneak in a reference to one of my mom's favorite movies, but really...this isn't a very appealing shade of pink. I get it, they were going for a pink = piggy kind of deal, but this is coming off more medicinal pink than appetizing foodie pink.

Speaking of pigs...kind of pig-related, but not really, I watched Moana with K and my b/f this weekend (although he slept through most of it) and I've been listening to Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson's song on loop ever since. Send help. I'm stuck in a Maui-hole. Click on the link. What can I say? Except, you're welcome! 

Okay, back to reality. Which is thankfully filled with bacon and potato chip filled chocolate bars. Let's unwrap this Pepto-Bismol badboy!
Inside the foiled wrapping is a long milk chocolate bar broken up into six chunky rectangular segments. The chocolate smells smokey, and sweet, but artificial. This is more bacon-bits than actual bacon, but the wrapper actually says "bacon flavored bits" so that's to be expected.

I took a bite, and even though the mix-ins are hard to see, they're definitely there. Each bite is filled with tons on crunch! The first thing that I can taste is the sweet milk chocolate, which melts rather quickly on your tongue, followed by hard, crunchy bacon-bit like flavoring, with some liquid smoke and a kettle-style potato chip finish. Real bacon bits tend to be kind of sad, and soggy, but whatever bacon flavored bits are inside this bar are really crunchy and a bit hard. Kind of like bacon flavored Pop Rocks, but harder. It's more like they took thick and crunchy kettle chips, flavored them with bacon, and mashed them up into tiny rock-like bits.
Normally faux bacon products can come off as dog-treat-like, and even though this was a bit on the artificial side of things, it's surprisingly enjoyable. For something that looks, and sounds, like a novelty's actually good!

When it comes to snackability, this isn't the kind of candy bar you devour in one session. I think every bite needs to be savored and enjoyed in order to get the full Pigs n' Taters experience. (Which is something I never thought I'd type.) Two segments per sitting is about all I can handle. After all, these are some pretty hefty portions. There's just more of this bar to love, and enjoy. I really liked this bar a lot, and the more I ate, the more it grew on me. If you like milk chocolate, I recommend checking this one out! It's really good and it's pretty darn affordable too! It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think this is a palatable, slightly adventurous, flavor that will be fun for the whole family to try.

Also, I listened to Maui's song 8 times while I wrote this review. Seriously, send help. (Or song links.)
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