Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Grape Fettuccine Gummi - Asian Food Markets

Grape Fettuccine Gummi - Asian Food Markets
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One of my goals for 2017 was to update the blog, and another was to be less of a food hoarder. I've been cleaning through my stash (slowly) and honestly, it's pretty bad. I completely forgot what I had already purchased, so I've found a few repeats, along with a bunch of products I never knew I had, like these Grape Fettuccine gummies.

When did I buy these? I don't know! But they look yummy, so I'm going to quickly review them before they disappear into the pantry-void, never to be seen again.

This isn't my first time at the Fettuccine gummy rodeo. I'm pretty sure you guys already know this, but I love the packaging, and I especially love the fact that this pouch is resealable. It's the perfect size to slip into your purse or backpack for on-the-go snacking, it's surprisingly durable, and it's cute to boot! The graphics are bold and eye catching, and the different shades of purple ground all of the design elements making the packaging look far less busy than it really is.

Inside we have strips of gummy "noodles" that live up to their name, and each strip is coated in a layer of slightly sour sanding sugar.

They smell amazing! It's like real concord grape juice (not the stuff you buy in a frozen tube), and they look kind of brown-ish-tan in photos, but they're more purple-toned in-person.

I popped a strip into my mouth and they taste fantastic. The gummy texture is bouncier than American and German gummy candy, it's somewhat like a Hi-Chew, and the flavoring is a bold, authentic, and slightly tangy, concord grape. Normally I hate grape flavored candy, but that's because most of them taste really artificial. This? It tastes like the real deal, coated in Jello powder. (Which is a thing. Apparently people cover grapes in jello powder to make healthier candy? I'll have to try that the next time I find some concord grapes at the market.)
Before this, I had already reviewed two other flavors of Fettuccine gummies, and even though I really enjoyed them, I've never repurchased those flavors. Why? It's because they're imported. I feel like their price tag is too steep for their teeny tiny portions. For the same price of one of these tiny imported bags, I could get 2 full bags of Haribo! Spending so much for so little only makes sense if the products quality is far superior, but in my opinion, this flavor makes the cut. Even if they're a bit more costly, this is a flavor I'd happily buy again because it's done so well! 

If you like grape flavored candies, especially purple concord ones, this is a must-try product. It tastes sweet, tangy, and surprisingly authentic.
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