Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Brazilian Orange Pocky - H-Mart

Brazilian Orange Pocky - H-Mart
Unlike my recent posts, this isn't a food-hoard item, it's actually brand new (well, new to me), and I picked it up at H-mart the other day. To combat further food hoarding, I am going to try and review new products as I get them, while simultaneously digging through my food stash to finish hidden treasures. (I consider them gifts from past-me. I'm so thoughtful.) 
Orange Pocky has been around for a while, and it's come in a few variations, like chocolate sticks, fruit pulp mixed into the chocolate coating, or fancy chocolate swirls,  but they never really piqued my interest. I'll eat orange flavors sweets when they're mixed in with other fruity flavors, like Skittles, Starbursts, and Sour Patch Kids, but I would never buy a bag of just orange flavored candy completely on it's own. That just sounded...boring. 
It seems like orange sweets are much more popular overseas in the UK and Europe, but here in the states, it's rarely the main attraction. Maybe we're missing out on something, and that's a pretty awesome looking Toucan... That's all it took. Into my cart it went!
When I look at this box, my mind immediately thinks, "thrift store." (And then "rockabilly." In that order.) The illustrations on the packaging have this fun retro-vibe that reminds me of the 50's, Hawaiian shirts, and the bizarre jungle wallpaper that covered my childhood bedroom. (Don't judge, it was there when my mom bought the house.) At a glance, I wouldn't think this was Pocky, or even Japanese. When it was sitting on the shelf with the rest of the Pocky flavors, it stuck out like a sore thumb, but you know what? I like it. The more I look at it, the more this Toucan and all this fruity foliage grows on me. I kind of want a swing-dress with this pattern...but I can't dance, so this Pocky box will have to do. 
Inside the box are two foiled plastic packages with silver oranges that mimic the art on outer packaging. They look pretty fancy if you ask me! You you only get 2 servings in this box, but each packet has a pretty generous portion of biscuit-sticks. 
Once opened, these sticks smell WAY better than I ever expected. They smell fruity and refreshing, like orange juice, without any hint of bitterness or zest. This is a very bright and juicy aroma, and it smells wonderful! Maybe I was wrong for passing these by all these months.
I took a bite, and these taste like really good orange Creamsicles, but in Pocky form. The biscuit is crunchy and mild, giving more texturing than it does flavor-payoff (as always), and the creme is sweet, fruity, vanilla'd, and just all around awesome. I shared some with everyone I could find, my b/f, my sister, my mom, and K, and the consensus is, these things rock! 
Not a single person in our little family disliked these, and I am very happy to say, I was wrong. Orange snacks and sweets deserve more than being mixed in with a fruity crowd, well, only if they're all as good as this one. I highly recommend these to all orange sherbet and Creamsicle lovers, and I'll be grabbing another box the next time I'm at the H-Mart. (If they're still available.) 
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