Friday, February 10, 2017

Quickie Review: Hershey Snack Mix -BJ's

Hershey Snack Mix -BJ's
Back in June of 2016 I reviewed the Reese's version of this snack Mix and now, EIGHT months later, I've finally gotten around to the Hershey's version. (At this rate I'll review the other candy-bar-themed mixes within the next 5 years.) Anyway, when I reviewed the Reese's version I wasn't sure if I'd ever buy it again and nearly a year later, and I haven't!

Maybe the Hershey's version will be a better flavor for me. Let's hope so, because I foolishly bought a big ol' box of this from BJ's because I had a coupon. (And I'm a sucker for a bargain.)
There's really not much to this packaging, it's just a foiled plastic heat-sealed tube to make snacking on-the-go easier. I imagine this format would work well for people who want to snack as they drive, but I'm the type of foodie who likes to daintily pick apart snack mixes one item at a time, like a nutcase, so it's completely inconvenient for me. I find myself trying to jam my fingers inside to seek out the parts I want (i.e. chocolate) while avoiding anything I don't (i.e. the nuts or anything "healthy" in this snack mix.)
Speaking of nuts, in this mix we've got almonds and...that's it. That's really the only healthy item in this mix. Other than that we've got chunks of mini Hershey's bars, chocolate coated pretzel pieces and...more pretzel pieces. Not very much variety in this mix, but hey, I do love those little mini pretzels. I'd buy a big bag of these all on their own, so I'm not complaining.

Each piece on their own is pretty okay, and they taste exactly like you'd expect. The pretzels taste like crunchy little pretezel nuggets, the almonds taste like almonds, the chocolate tastes like typical Hershey's, the snozzberries taste like snozzberries...wait, scratch that last one. 

Combined, I like the combination of salty pretzels with Hershey's chocolate, and even though I like almonds a LOT more than peanuts, I could take 'em or leave them in this mix.

Overall, I think these Hershey's snack mixes are...unnecessary. Theses have little to no healthy mix ins, and a straight-up candy bar is just as convenient to eat on the go. I haven't bought any snack mixes in the past eight months, but I HAVE bought candy bars, and I think that speaks volumes. Still, it's chocolate, and yummy mix ins, so it's not like I'll kick it out of my pantry, I just wouldn't buy it again (unless I had a really awesome coupon).
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