Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fettuccine Gummi (Strawberry Cherry) - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ

Fettuccine Gummi (Strawberry Cherry) - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ
Okay, now that I'm done with all my Sailor Moon chocolates, it's back to the normal everyday foodie grind.

My last 5 posts were chocolate-related, and even though I love the stuff, I'm really happy to move on and start reviewing other things. (I am chocolated-out!) Since gummi candies are one of my absolute favorites, and I love fruit flavored sweets, I thought I'd treat myself to a candy that's been sitting in my to-be-reviewed-pile for almost a month, these adorable Fettuccini gummis!

The packaging consists of a thin plastic bag, so thin you can see through the top portion to the other side, and a zip-lock top. Due to it's bright pink and red color scheme, this item really stood out. I originally bought this thinking it would make a good item to review in February, since it's so pink and there's Valentine's Day and all, but I never really got around to it before the holiday. (It's still February, so that still works, right?) I love the images of fruit that were used, and the water droplets at the top of the packaging make this feel like it's going to be a really refreshing candy. The overall design is busy, without being overly busy, and all the necessary information is provided. I like this packaging a lot, and it's resealable, which is always awesome, but the visuals aren't as nice as some of the other Asian candies I have reviewed in the past.

I peeled the top off, opened the zip-lock, and inside were several noodle-like gummi strips. They look like short strips fettuccine pasta, hence the name, and they are a peachy-yellow color. All of the strips look the same, so I don't think any of these are flavored like cherry, or strawberry, I think they're all a combination of both.

The candies smell sweet, and artificially fruity, with a hint of sourness. Each gummi is covered in grainy sanding sugar, but I am guessing this coating is actually sour, not sweet, but I guess we'll see.

I took a bite, and the coating doesn't seem to be sour at all. I think it's just coarsely ground sugar. The gummy has a stiffer chew, more like a gumdrop, or a Haribo gummi bear, and the flavoring is a sweet but tangy mixture of a jammy strawberry mixed with black cherry and lemonade. It's pretty refreshing as far as flavors go, and it's definitely a nice change of pace after all that chocolate. I really like these a lot!

Supposedly this is one of the most popular gummi brands in Japan, and if the rest of the flavors are anything like this, I could see that being true. This had a great chew, it's very flavorful, and it has the perfect balance of sweet and tanginess to get your mouth watering. If you really like gummi candies, like me, this is a brand you should really check out. My only complaint is that I wish the bag were bigger. This one is slightly larger than my hand, and I could easily go through this in one sitting, resealable or not. (Then again I have no self control.)
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