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Sailor Moon Prism Power Make-Up Box & Tin Set - JBOX.com

Sailor Moon Prism Power Make-Up Box & Tin Set - JBOX.com
I saved the biggest (and most photo heavy) item for last. This was the largest chocolate collector's set that was being sold, and it contains a little bit of everything.

There's a lot to cover, so I'm just going to jump right in!

This time the packaging itself isn't meant to be a collector's item. (Although I'm sure there are fans who will keep it anyway.) The box is made of cardboard with the same pastel image of the Sailor Scouts with Sailor Moon as my last package, only this time it has a pink polka dot background with gold foiled detailing. Out of all of the items and layouts, I think this pink one works the best, but the fact that it's made of cardboard and not a more substantial material really stinks. I like this color combination a lot more than the square tin, but it loses points because it's easily damaged.

The back panel has nutritional information and images of the products inside. Oddly enough, this was the only item that did not have a 20th celebration logo.

Inside, there are the same molded chocolates as in the square tin, along with some adorable little cookies, and a round collectable tin filled with individually wrapped chocolates. The Tin looks like it's meant to be one of Sailor Moon's transformation brooches, but it doesn't look like any one in particular. It's cute, and the gold scroll-work is delicate and appealing, but the fact that it's so generic and doesn't really tie-in to anything from the Sailor Moon universe is disappointing. The preexisting brooch designs are really simple, I have no idea why they didn't use one of them, but this is still a pretty cute little tin. As for the chocolates inside, they're the same as the ones I covered in my Luna and Artemis tin post. You can check that review out HERE.

Two of my cookies arrived broken, but considering the long journey these candies had to New Jersey, I'd say that's pretty good. (The fact that they were broken made them easier for me to eat anyway, otherwise they're so cute that it's an internal struggle to eat them.)

The cookies were discussed in my Youtube Video Review, so if you'd like to learn more about those and how they tasted, check that out HERE.

Okay, enough of the old stuff, let's talk about something new. I'm going to try each of the fancy molded chocolates and figure out what they are meant to taste like. I don't have any translations for what these flavors are meant to taste like, so I'm going to cut them in half, eat them, and make the best guess that I can. If you know what these boxes actually say, let me know! For now, we play the guessing game. (EDIT: There is this listing on the collectable site, but I am not sure if it's accurate.)

First up,the chocolate with "Sailor Moon" printed directly on top.

This one smells sweet, due to the milk chocolate, and a bit nutty. When I cut it in half the center looked a bit crumbly, almost like quinoa, but when I took a bite, it wasn't textured at all. The chocolate outside is sweet, melts quickly, and tastes alright, fairly generic, but the filling is some kind of nutty flavoring. Maybe hazelnut? I'm not too sure if this is hazelnut or chestnut to be honest, but it has that chocolate nut-spread-like taste to it. Kind of like Nutella, but not really. Not bad for a novelty chocolate.

Next up, I slice Luna's face in half! This one was another milk chocolate, which almost all of them are, and the quality was the same as the previous candy, but this filling was while colored and incredibly mild. I have no idea what this is really meant to be. Is it just white chocolate? Either way, it just tastes like a sweeter milk chocolate to me. I tried to eat a bit of the filling on it's own, and I am pretty sure it's just white chocolate or a white chocolate based confectionery filling. (Edit: According to the Collectable site it's "Chocolate Custard.")

Now for something a little different, white chocolate dyed pink in the shape of a rose. This one tastes very sweet, due to it's white chocolate base, and call me crazy, but I taste artificial strawberry flavoring. The taste is similar to the coating of Strawberry Pocky Sticks, or Hello Panda, it's very artificial, sweet, and a bit on the floral side. There was a version of this that was heart shaped in the other tin, but both chocolates tasted the same. These weren't my favorites, but I don't really like the typical strawberry flavoring that Asian companies use for chocolate, and these were really sweet, even for me. (Edit the website says just white chocolate, but I can taste strawberry for sure.)

Another white chocolate confection, only this time the chocolate has been molded into a little Millennium Crystal! How cute is that? This filling had a tan-ish color to it, and it smells sweet, milky, and a bit like burnt sugar. I think this is either coffee or caramel. (Or maybe coffee caramel?) Again, the white chocolate is very milky and sweet, and like the other flavors it melts quickly in your mouth, but that filling doesn't have too much flavoring. I think it's caramel, but the white chocolate really seems to overpower it and make it come off as being a lot milkier than you'd expect a caramel to be. Even though this wasn't one of my favorite flavors, I did love the shape. (Edit: Website says caramel! Ding ding ding!)

Lastly, I have the little chocolate that was individually wrapped with foil and a little picture of sailor moon. It's milk chocolate again, and it has another beige-y tan colored filling. This one smell nutty too, but in a different way than the others.I gave it a try, and the nutty flavoring is a lot stronger than it was before, this one seems kind of almond-y, but I feel like there might be some hazelnut in there as well. This specific flavor tasted a lot bolder than the others, and the fact that it was a lot bolder made it my favorite of them all. Sadly, I only got two out of all three sets.

After everything is said and done, and eaten, these little collectors tins were a lot of fun to photograph and blog about, and the chocolates were better than I had expected. I went into this thinking that everything would taste really generic and novelty, and it kind of does, but the quality is like a mid-to-high end grocery store brand, which is better than other non-fancy collectable chocolate sets out there. I'm happy I bought these, and I look forward to using these tins in my home, if you really like Sailor Moon, I'd say the square tin is the way to go, and I'd highly recommend that set.
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