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Sailor Moon Prism Power Tin -

Sailor Moon Prism Power Tin -
No matter how many times I photograph these tins, I'm never happy. The art is really lovely in person, but these pastels are a major pain in the butt to photograph! I have photographed this specific tin and it's chocolates three separate times. I would have kept going, and tried again, but the chocolates were getting soft and melty from being handled in front of all the photo lights. I had to suck it up and go with this set, even though I'm still not entirely happy with it.

Bah, enough rambling about my first-world-food-photo problems, let's talk about magical girls and candy!

This tin is square shaped and significantly larger than the Luna and Artemis versions. It's about 5" x 5" x 2", which is still smaller than most of the American chocolate tins you can buy or Valentine's Day, but this is more-so a collectors item than a typical box of chocolates, so you get what you paid for.

The front of the tin features the inner sailor scouts and Sailor Moon from the original anime series. Since this is the version I grew up with, this is what I prefer, so I was really happy that the artwork was a throw back to the cell-shaded version and not the new CG Crystal. (I'm letting my nerd flag fly with these posts...) The colors are soft and muted, and the background imagery is light and airy, which matches Naoko Takeuchi's original illustrations. I like this tin a lot more than the Luna and Artemis ones, but that's because I still resent the fact that they have a pattern printed over their faces. This time the repeating patterns were left in the background where they belong.

The back panel has information about the candies, the 20th anniversary, and an inverted version of the pattern that is on the front and sides of the box. I'm much happier with the size, quality, and layout of this tin, and out of the three purchases I made, I think this is my favorite.

Inside the box is broken up into a plastic grid, and there are 9 pieces of chocolate. Some are molded into iconic shapes from the series, like the white chocolate millennium crystal, little Luna heads, and the pink rose, while others are wrapped in patterned papers with printed images.

When I first saw the images of these chocolates on I wasn't sure of the little sailor suit and princess Serenity chocolates were paper, or printed directly onto the candy. I had hoped for the latter, but it's just a little paper wrapping. (Boo!)

It may just be paper, but it was still fun to photograph. Since I can't ready any of the packaging, I really had no idea what was inside. I unwrapped the paper and the foil and...

It was just a patterned piece of milk chocolate. What a bummer! The pattern is geometric and has nothing to do with Sailor Moon, but maybe there's a filling or something yummy inside?

Nope. Just a thin piece of milk chocolate. LAME. The chocolate quality is pretty good for a novelty product. It's sweet and creamy, about the same as a Dove or Lindt chocolate here in the states. It was enjoyable, but I expected more.

Since a lot of these chocolates are repeated in my next Sailor Moon review, I'll stop here and continue this in my next post. So far the tins have been really adorable, and this one is my favorite purchase out of the three, but the candies have been pretty average. (Then again no one is really buying these for the chocolate.)
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