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Sailor Moon Luna & Artemis Chocolate Tins -

Sailor Moon Luna & Artemis Chocolate Tins -
Happy Valentine's Day! (It'll still be Valentine's Day for another hour or so, better late than never.) It's finally time to review all of the Sailor Moon themed chocolates I bought from I went a little overboard photographing them, so each item is going to be broken up into a separate post.

First up, these freaking precious Luna and Artemis tins!

As always, we'll start out with the packaging. First, there is the protective plastic box that holds the tins together. It's functional, recyclable, and it has little logos celebrating the show and it's recent 20th anniversary.

It looks pretty thrown together, but it is informative, just nothing special. It's what's inside that collectors (like me) really want.

This set consists of two metal tins, each shaped like Luna and Atremis from the Sailor Moon franchise, and inside are individually wrapped chocolates.

The tins are really small, a lot smaller than I expected, but they're still really cute. (For a better understanding of their size, check out my packaging review video below.)

My only real complaint about these tins would be the repeating pattern that features the sailor senshi's symbols. I get what they were going for, it looks like the repeating patterns on designer handbags, which is kind of cute, but I personally would have left it off. Out of the two, Artemis looks okay, but the pattern on Luna distracts from her features. I think the pattern is fun, and adds interest, but it should have been limited to the sides and the bottom of the tins, not the lids.

Inside each of our little cat guardians we have 5 individually wrapped chocolates. The wrapping is a metallic mink color, with the current Sailor Moon logo and several iconic images from the franchise. If you look closely you can see transformation lockets, little cat heads, and a few of Sailor Moon's Iconic weapons.

Since the tins are so small, the chocolates inside are less than bite-size. As you can see, this little cocoa cube is only half an inch tall and wide, which is the same shape and size as the Royal Milk Tea chocolates I reviewed in January. The outside is coated with a light layer of cocoa powder, and it smells slightly bitter with a hint of caramel. I can't read the packaging, but I think these are some kind of chocolate and caramel combination. I guess we'll find out.

I had to hurry up and put the whole chocolate into my mouth, since my photo lights were melting these guys pretty fast, and as far as I can tell there is no special filling, but these didn't taste like plain chocolate either. Juts like the Royal Milk Tea chocolates, this melted very quickly on my tongue and it had a smooth and creamy texture. There was some sweet flavoring, like the caramel syrup you add to coffees, but it wasn't all that strong. This just seemed like a really creamy, but average, milk chocolate to me.

I knew that I was buying these for the packaging, not the candies inside, so I'm still really pleased with my purchase. With that being said, the chocolate is not amazing. It's on par with other grocery store brands, like Meltyblend, that I've bought from H-mart and The Asian Food Market. It's sweet, creamy, and it'll satisfy a candy craving, but no one is buying these tins for the chocolate. They're more like an added bonus to a collectors item.
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