Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chocorooms Meiji : Short Review

Chocorooms Meiji : Short Review
More Meiji goodness!

My sister grabbed these at a Five Below of all places, which was odd, but it seems like they are a permanent item. (At least I believe it is a standard item, and not a special or seasonal one, but I could be wrong.)

Before buying a box of our own, I had seen these all over the net (Do people still say that? Is "the net" hip?). These little snacks are quite popular and it's pretty obvious as to why. Look at them! They are so freaking cute!

"Chocorooms" are little cookie stems, which taste very similar to Pocky sticks, topped with a fudgy, milk chocolate, mushroom caps. Although the biscuits are the same, the topper doesn’t taste like Pocky chocolate. To me, this tastes a bit fudgier, like Choco Baby.

These are super cute and very yummy. Other than casual snacking, you can use these little mushroom biscuits to decorate cupcakes and cakes. (These would be perfect for an Alice in Wonderland themed party.) I highly recommend them!

Photos© Maria Smith
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