Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meiji Sampler (1 of 2 sets) - Meiji Apollo Strawberry

Meiji Sampler (1 of 2 sets) - Meiji Apollo Strawberry
These are another famous Meiji candy I have seen all over the net. I have always loved how they look and wanted to try them. I was so happy to see them available in the Meiji sampler pack. 
Visually they are precious! Little mountain shapes topped with a strawberry peak, they are often replicated with polymers and used in DecoDen.
As far as taste goes, they aren’t that great. I like them more than the Meiji Strawberry Marble candies…but not by much. I really dislike Meiji’s idea of how Strawberry should taste. It’s so floral and perfumey, and leaves a bitter chemical aftertaste.
I was pretty disappointed in the flavor, but visually they are insanely cute. They would make great cake decorations, but I think they are not a great candy.
Photos© Maria Smith http://poison-and-antidote.net
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