Thursday, August 2, 2012

Meiji Chelsea, Salty Mix- Asian Food Market, NJ

Meiji Chelsea, Salty Mix- Asian Food Market, NJ
After falling in love with Chelsea’s patisserie mix I ran out and grabbed other flavors to try. Now, I couldn’t tell what flavors were in this bag, because there isn’t any English. I google’d them and found out that this is the “Salty” mix bag with salty milk and salty chocolate.
The bag has the beautiful flower patterns associated with Chelsea. I love it! It seems retro, but graceful. There is no image indication that this is the salty flavor pack, no images of salt or mention of it in the ingredients list. Without looking this up online, I’d really have no clue what the flavors were supposed to be.
In classic Chelsea fashion, each candy is individually wrapped in a patterned wrapper. Red is salty-chocolate and light blue is salty-milk.
The salty-chocolate flavor smells like chocolate instant pudding. When I first taste it, it seems like a typical chocolate hard candy. It isn’t as deeply flavored as the chocolate mousse from the patisserie mix, but it is very satisfying. After about a minute you start to taste the salt. It isn’t overwhelming, but it’s a mild saltiness that helps cut the sweet chocolate taste. It really tastes like instant pudding with a bit of salt sprinkled on top. Not bad, but I prefer the chocolate mousse flavor from the other bag.
Time for salty-milk. The name alone isn’t appealing, but maybe this candy would be delicious! (You never know.) This time there is o0 scent at all to the candy. The first thing I taste is a classic butter scotch with warm toasty sugar notes. Then that fades off into a sweet milky taste. It reminds me a lot of warm milk with honey. After a minute or two a salty flavor starts to appear, but it is mild. The overall flavor reminds me of a butterscotch ice cream topping.
These were yummy, but I prefer the variety of the patisserie blend flavors. Salty candy is interesting, but I wouldn’t buy a bag of these again.
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