Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vita Coco - Costa’s : Pennasauken, NJ

Vita Coco - Costa’s : Pennasauken, NJ
A few months ago, coconut water was everywhere! It was being advertised on TV and radio as a delicious way to hydrate your body. It was a foodie-trend. Now, I have had literal coconut water before, straight from a coconut, and I was not thrilled with the flavor. So I was wondering if the new beverages made with it were any better.

Vita Coco was one of the more popular brands, so I picked one up from my local market.
The packaging is similar to Japanese soy drinks, it is a container made with a waxy-paper-like substance that is folded into a box. I like the idea, but I am not sure if this is the best way to package this product.

I opened the container and took a taste. It was salty. VERY salty. It tasted like coconut water mixed with very salty Hawaiian Punch. I don’t like it, but I figured I’d drink the rest. As I drank, it seemed like every sip was getting saltier and saltier.

About half way through I gave up and got rid of it. I looked up Vita Coco, and it turns out their products have a lot if inconsistencies. Several users seems to have gotten containers that were rotten, or the beverage inside has turned yellow…ick.

Overall I don’t recommend this to anyone.

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