Monday, November 12, 2012

Life, Strawberry Crunchtime - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ

Life, Strawberry Crunchtime - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ
Franken Berry is only available in my area around Halloween, how am I supposed to get my strawberry cereal fix year-round? Maybe this new Strawberry Life cereal will help fill the void.

The box is bright and uses a large CG strawberry as the bowl. (Which I love! I wish they sold bowls like that!) As you can see on the box, this cereal is a bit different from other types of flavored Life. According to the website, the "cool pinwheel shape" was meant to appeal to kids. I think that is silly. Why couldn’t they have made strawberry flavored rice-chex?

Once you open the bag you can tell this cereal smells more realistically strawberry than Franken Berry, but it is still definitely artificial. The cereal pieces are a dull rosey color, which might be because of the whole grain used in the cereal.

As far as taste, it is very light and refreshing. I feel like it is missing something texturally. Franken Berry usually has marshmallows, but with this cereal trying to be healthier I think dried strawberry slices would have been a nice addition.

I think this is a nice cereal, but it feels incomplete.

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