Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Meiji Almond Oats Crunch -Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ

Meiji Almond Oats Crunch -Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ
This is the third flavor of Meiji Almonds I have tried. (I have already reviewed the Melty Kiss and Crispy Puff versions.) This candy is foolproof. Almonds AND chocolate? Toss anything into that mix and you have a winner. (Unless you’re allergic to nuts.)
The packaging is similar to the Melty Kiss version. It’s the same size, shape, and it opens the same way. Personally, I preferred the Crispy Puff box with a sliding tray, but both designs function as needed. The color scheme and design for this package both have an earthy feel that plays off the cereal/oats flavoring, and I think this is the most cohesive design of the bunch.

Most of Meiji’s snacks contain a foil pouch to keep the candy fresh, and this is no exception. Once I opened the plastic bag I got a whiff of delicious chocolate. The almonds themselves are pretty big, each one has a thick chocolate coating, so you don’t get too many of them. I would have liked more, but this is still a decent amount of chocolate.

Instead of my first impression being the taste, these wowed me with texture. These are crunchy! There are quite a few layers to these candies, it’s no wonder they are so thickly coated! First there is a layer of semi-sweet chocolate with rolled oat flakes mixed in, then a crispy cereal-like shell and finally a crunchy almond. Each layer blends nicely together and creates a wonderful texture. The chocolate tastes more like a semi-sweet dark than milk chocolate, and the cereal/oats add a really nice earthy flavor as well as texture.
I wasn’t sure if I would like these more than the Melty Kiss, but I do! The textures and flavors are fantastic and nothing is overly sweet. These would be AMAZING with a glass of milk.

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