Monday, May 13, 2013

AZ Arizona Energy Drink - Dollar General : Cherry Hill, NJ

AZ Arizona Energy Drink - Dollar General : Cherry Hill, NJ
I VERY rarely use energy drinks, but right now I have a psych paper, two finals, and a summer practicum observation course all at the same time! I just don’t have enough energy to keep going and get everything done, so I resorted to an energy drink to give me the boost I needed. (I didn’t even know that Arizona made energy drinks.)

Typically, Arizona cans are tall and colorful. This design has more of an urban-graffitii feel, and it doesn’t match any other product in the Arizona line. I don’t feel like this design was very well thought out, because the can doesn’t even say what flavor this drink is. The ingredients list mango and other fruits, as well as a laundry list of chemicals that I can’t even pronounce. While I like the idea of an Arizona energy drink, I think this can needs a bit more design work and information.

I popped the can open and the liquid inside smelled similar to a typical Arizona tea. Maybe this is another tea-based energy drink?

Well I guess not, because it is carbonated and a bright yellow egg-yolk color.
I have no clue what this will taste like!

Turns out, this is a pretty quirky drink. I get an artificial tea flavor similar to Arizona or Brisk, but with carbonation. The aftertaste is pretty similar to Red Bull. I imagine if you mixed a can of red bull with a can of Arizona, you’d get this drink. (Maybe not the same color.)

I am not a huge energy drink fan. After drinking 1/3rd of this I started to feel nauseous, but that quickly passed. I nursed the can for the rest of the night and I was able to stay up and get a decent amount of work done.

If I needed another boost of energy, I might get this again because it was effective, but I didn’t really care for the flavor (or the can design).

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