Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chocolove XOXOX - Target : Medford, NJ

Chocolove XOXOX - Target : Medford,  NJ 
I have never seen this brand of chocolate bar before. What made me pick this up? It comes with a love poem! I am used to my chocolate giving advice, craft tips, and compliments, but never a full blown poem.

It’s pretty obvious that this brand is going for a love-letter vibe. The wrapper design mimics an envelope, there is a love poem inside, and the brand name itself ends with a little “xoxox.” The terracotta color of the packaging is really warm and inviting, but part of me wished they had gone with traditional envelope color.

The poem is written on the backside of the paper wrapping, and this time I received a love poem written by John Keats. I could really see English majors or book lovers enjoying this literary addition to their chocolate fix.

Unwrapped, the bar smells slightly bitter, like coco power, with a hint of salt. My photo set-up lights started melting it very quickly, so I hurried up and took a bite. (You can see chocolate all over my finger in the last photo.)

I love dark chocolate, the darker the better, and this has a really nice dark chocolate flavor. It isn’t too bitter or acidic, and the salt enhances the sweetness. As for the almonds, they are broken up into little bits and scattered throughout the bar, they add a nice roasted flavor and texture, but I wish there were more almond chunks in there. I felt like they were very sparse, and in the photo you can only see 4 or 5 little pieces.

I think this love letter packaging design is brilliant, and the chocolate quality was pretty nice for the price. (I rhymed!) So I would definitely buy this brand again, I’m looking forward to trying new flavors.

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