Friday, August 2, 2013

Pomegranate Hard Candies -??? : Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA

Pomegranate Hard Candies -??? : Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA  
Time for another, potentially yummy, Chinatown goodie review.
I don’t remember which little shop I purchased this from, but it was somewhere near Arch Street.
This time the packaging is very simple, even more so than the Airheads, but I think it is visually stunning. I love the bold red on white design and the photograph at the top of the bag is absolutely gorgeous. (Look at that splash of juice!) It is rare, but I actually have absolutely no complaints about this design. This bag is simple, functional, and beautiful. (It’s resealable to boot!)

I’m pretty familiar with the gummy candies made by Kasugai, which are amazingly delicious, but I have never had their hard candies. (I can’t imagine they’d be bad though…)

Inside the bag there are tons of red, individually wrapped, hard candies. The individual designs mimic the overall bag design, simple and red. (Consistency in design is always a good idea.)

Unwrapped, the candies are beautifully transparent, perfectly shaped, little rectangles. Personally I think these candies look really high end and classy. (They were really fun to photograph. I might make a little pyramid with them.)

Scent-wise, these smell bitter, similar to actual pomegranate juice, but there are still a few sweet berry notes. Other than the bitterness there is nothing about the scent that specifically says ‘pomegranate” to me, but the scent is plesant.

It’s pretty obvious that I think these are visually appealing, but this is a candy, and it’s meant to be eaten. This is where things went a bit wrong. At first the candy created a cooling effect in my mouth, similar to a lot of artificial sugars or sugar free gums, and it faded into a watered down pomegranate juice. These are sweet, with just enough citrus tang (likely from Vitamin C) to off put some of the artificial sugar taste, but these are still not fantastic.

The taste was no where near as satisfying as the visuals. (What a bummer.) I can’t see myself buying these again, but I’ll have fun photographing them!

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