Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Potato Wish Chips (Tomato flavored) - ??? : Chinatown, Philadelphia, PA

I am a slave to good package design. I bought these tomato flavored chips even though I am mildly allergic to tomatoes!
What do I mean by mildly allergic? My throat doesn’t swell up, but my stomach will hurt and I may or may not throw up. It all depends on the acidity levels and the amount I have eaten.
Two handy packs.
The product concept isn’t new, I mean these are simply more sophisticated looking Pringles, but the overall packaging is really well thought out.
First of all the colors really stand out on the grocery shelves. This package is able to pull off green and red designs without making me think of Christmas, and the photograph of the product is very appealing.
The container is a tall, irregularly shaped, cardboard box that contains 2 individually packaged stacks of baked potato chips. That means you can easily split this into two portions or toss a pouch of these into your lunch. Beautiful AND handy. I love it!
When I opened the first pouch I was actually a little horrified. The chips look absolutely delicious, but they smell like canned Spaghetti O’s. That is like poison to me. I could never eat them as a kid because I would very likely throw up, and these chips smell just like them. It’s that sweet, ketchup-y, canned tomato sauce smell.
 I am not looking forward to this taste test.
Nice thick cut chips. Too bad they smell like tomato poison.
Well, I grabbed a chip and popped it into my mouth. Thank goodness these aren’t as strongly flavored as they are scented.

The chips are pretty thick, so they have a really satisfying crunch, and only once side is seasoned. The unseasoned side tastes like a normal, thick cut, potato chip, but the other side tastes like canned zesty pasta sauce smeared onto a chip.
This was NOT the most appealing flavor for me, but I like the concept and the packaging.
I will be buying more of these chips, but not in this flavor. I just can’t handle the tomato-y taste.

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