Sunday, October 6, 2013

Pumpkin Face Gumballs - Target - Cherry Hill, NJ

Pumpkin Face Gumballs - Target - Cherry Hill, NJ
Guess what everyone? Today is my birthday! (Yay for being old?)

Now, these jack o’ lantern themed gumballs may not be very unique, or fantastically flavored, but they ARE freaking adorable! I really wanted to photograph them, and they were on sale, so I went for it. (Happy Birthday to me.)
The jar is made of clear plastic with a black twist off cap, not the finest materials, but it’ll do.  After all, this is a novelty item, so I’m not expecting super fancy packaging, but I do have one complaint. It is really difficult to get the gumballs out of this container! (Especially when it is still full.) The little candy spheres settle together and get stuck inside, so you need to use your fingers to pry the first few candies out before you can shake the rest free from their genie-bottle-like prison. Personally, I think a large mouthed jar would have been better for gumballs, but it might not have been as aesthetically pleasing.

Visually, these are freaking precious, I absolutely love them and they were really fun to photograph, but the gum itself is pretty bad.
Each color is VERY mildly flavored (I think the orange is orange and black is some kind of black cherry) and the chew is incredibly tough. It’s as if these were from 5 Halloweens ago! Seriously, this is some stiff, stale, gum.

I knew this wouldn’t be an amazing product, being a novelty Halloween item, but I didn’t expect the texture to be THIS tough. I’m happy I bought them, so I can use them as a photo prop, but I don’t think I’ll be chewing much of this gum. (Or else I will have a jaw of steel!)
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