Friday, February 28, 2014

Strawberry Banana Twisted Fruit Rope - Aldi : Moorestown, NJ

Strawberry Banana Twisted Fruit Rope - Aldi : Moorestown, NJ

I may be an adult, but I still enjoy fruit snacks, and the plus side of being grown up is I can buy them whenever I want.

This was another Aldi find, it comes from their Simply Nature Line, which I don't remember trying before. (At least I don't think I have. I think it's new.)

The box is crisp, clean, and bright. I really like that the boldest colors on the box come from the fruit ropes themselves, it really makes them stand out, and it definitely caught my eye. This is another Aldi specific brand and item, and for being a no-frills company, their design department is really impressive. I remember the old no-frills boxes from when I was a kid, and they were absolutely awful. The color choices for this box are very muted and subtle, almost creamy. I think the color choices were an attempt to make this snack item look more healthy, and I have to say they succeeded.

The individual packaging is fairly thin, but it gets the job done. Just by holding it in your hand you can feel that the fruit rope inside is pretty substantial. It has a stiff, gum-drop-like, consistency, so I don't think it would get smooshed or damaged. You can toss one of these into your backpack or purse, and you're good to go.

I peeled back the wrapper, which was really easy to open, and I could smell apple concentrate (a common filler fruit) with a hint of banana. The aroma is really similar to baby food, so it's a bit nostalgic for me. I've worked at a Daycare facility for over a year, so I fed a lot of infants and helped toddlers open their snacks, and strawberry banana was a very popular combination. There is a slightly tangy scent, that might be reminiscent of strawberries, but the overall aroma is apple and banana.

Taking a bite, the texture is dense and chewy, like fruit leather mixed with gumdrops, and the flavoring is surprising bold. I can taste apple concentrate, creamy banana, and fruity notes that remind me of strawberry jam. Just like the smell, the taste definitely reminds me of baby food and infant snacks (Yes, I have tried baby food, don't judge me.) The taste is enjoyable, but it's kind of...mushy? Does that make sense. The flavoring itself is bold, but the fruity flavors blend together to create a bland, baby-food-like, experience. I think young children would enjoy this specific flavor combination more than adults, but I'm 26 and I enjoyed these quite a bit.

If you're looking for a new snack for your little ones, or something to keep in your purse just in case, I'd recommend these. I'm not too sure I'd repurchase this flavor, but I'd gladly try another.
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