Friday, March 7, 2014

Impulsive Buy Spotted on the Shelves Entries - 10 (Target & Walmart)

Two more limited edition Peep flavors! Reviews will be up next week. (Target)
I am obsessed with this foodie site called The Impulsive Buy, and my favorite posts are called "Spotted on the Shelves." It is a viewer-fueled inventory of new items that have been released in various stores. I've already made several submissions, found HERE, so here is round 9!

Fancy fruity frostings! Blue Raspberry, Key Lime, Orangesicle, and Pink Lemonade. (Both Target + Walmart)

Cheez-Its keep making more and more items! (Walmart)

Chips Ahoy used this freaking adorable display to showcase their new ice cream inspired flavors. I picked up the chocolate mint and mocha varieties to review next week! (Walmart)

I am really tempted to try this, but I have been burned by Archer Farms coffees before. (Target)

I wonder what French Toast made with French Toast bread tastes like... (Walmart)

When did Wild Berry become a limited edition flavor? (Walmart)

Honey bun graham crackers!

BONUS: These candles were at Jo Ann Fabrics. Sure they're not food, but the Melon and Strawberry candles smell phenomenal.

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