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Insomnia Cookies - Philadelphia, PA

Insomnia Cookies - Philadelphia, PA
I don't think I have ever mentioned this before, but I occasionally work in construction. That's right, I'm a construction worker by day and foodie blogger by night. (Sounds like an 80's movie, doesn't it?) It isn't a full time position, I occasionally do painting, finishing, sanding and detail work for my step-dad's company. I have a good eye for detail, so when he gets jobs in fancy (and insanely expensive) apartments in Philadelphia, I usually help out.

Why am I mentioning this? Well I was working with him today, doing some sanding, and there was an Insomnia Cookies store right next to our location! This is a franchise I had heard about a few years ago, and I was really excited to see that I could finally get some cookies to try for myself.

Insomnia Cookies is a quirky cookie company that makes piping hot cookies and delivers then to your door. They open at 11AM and they don't close until 3AM, hence the "Insomnia" in the name, which is great for people like me who keep odd hours.

Since I was right next door, I walked over when my job was done and bought a box of cookies. The store is small, like most locations in Philadelphia, but it was cozy and it smelled absolutely delicious. The smell alone made me want a glass of milk. (Which was available in a soda-style freezer. So if you need milk with your cookies, they've got you covered.) I didn't hand pick my cookies, I just told the really nice employee at the register to surprise me and he loaded the hot cookies straight from a little toaster oven-like machine into a miniature pizza box. (Seen above and below.)

The packaging was sturdy, carrying it to my car was really easy, and it kept my cookies safe and warm. As for the logo, it's simple, but endearing. I think the overall design and typography could use a bit of cleaning up, but it does a good job representing the quirkiness of the company. I mean a half eaten cookie moon for a late night cookie company? That's just freaking adorable.
Right off the bat I have to admit that these cookies are pricey! A dozen cookies is $14.00, and for someone who is used to baking her own cookies at home, that is pretty darn expensive. Let's see is these cookies are worth the price tag.
I am going to start with the standard chocolate chip and save the rest of the cookies for tomorrow's review. (Since this post is getting long.)

Chocolate chip cookies are a snacking standard, and the ones from Insomnia Cookies are loaded with delicious chocolate chunks. Just look at them all! By the time I took this photo the cookies had cooled down a bit, but when I first purchased them (and ate one while hot before even reaching my car...don't judge me) they were fresh from the oven and oozing with melted chocolate.

The chocolate chip cookies chocolate chip cookies. That's pretty obvious, but it's worth mentioning that this actually smells like a real cookie you baked in your oven at home. (Not like those processed ones from Chips Ahoy or Pillsbury.)
The one I ate earlier was really soft and still warm from the oven, so it tore easily in half leaving little strings of melted chocolate on my fingers. It was still delicious, especially on a cold day like today. After the cookie cooled down it was still soft and chewy in the middle with a light crispiness at the edges.

Sure, it tasted delicious, but the hefty price tag scares me away from wanting to buy more of this specific cookie. If I am shelling out $14 bucks I want my cookies to be a bit more exotic than a standard chocolate chip, but I do bake quite often.  

These late night hours are great for hungry college students who don't have access to a kitchen, those who work the midnight shift, and late night foodies like me. I really like this company and, although I might not buy this specific cookie again, there are some coming up in my next post I would definitely re-buy.
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