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Raspberry Lemonade Twisted Fruit Rope - Aldi : Moorestown, NJ

Raspberry Lemonade Twisted Fruit Rope - Aldi : Moorestown, NJ
I have already reviewed the Strawberry Banana version, which was pleasant, but the mild flavoring and overall sweetness reminded me of baby-food. (Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I think these fruit snacks are actually marketed towards mothers with small children.)

I wanted to see if this flavor tasted any tangier so, being a totally mature 26 year old adult woman, I went to the store and bought more fruit snacks.

The packaging is exactly the same as the other flavor, other than the title change and the fruits featured on the box, they are entirely interchangeable. If you want to see my thoughts on the box and it's design check out the Strawberry Banana post HERE

Visually, the most significant change between the two packages has been the individual packaging. The strawberry banana ropes were inside baby pink plastic packages, to match the creamy flavor combination. For the bolder raspberry and lemonade combination the packaging was changed to a deeper berry color. I like the color choices, and I am hoping this bolder color is an indication of a bolder flavor.

I peeled the plastic back and the scent was significantly stronger than the last flavor. I can smell raspberry concentrate, apples, and a hint of lemon. When compared to fresh fruit, the scent is a bit floral and artificial, but it's not terribly unappealing. The aroma kind of reminds me of an Arizona Iced Tea version of raspberry lemonade. It's sweet, syrupy, and a tad on the artificial side.
Taking a bite, the texture is like a thick fruit leather, but this flavor seems to have a softer chew. The first thing you can taste is a mild lemonade flavoring, which tasted more authentic than it smelled, and then you get a sweet mixture of apple sauce and raspberries. I really enjoyed the tanginess from the lemon, and the flavor was much bolder and brighter than it's banana counterpart.
Out of the two flavors, I prefer this one. The tart and tangy lemon flavoring really perked me up and I found myself wanting more, while the strawberry banana packages were too mild and sweet.  If you're an adult addicted to fruit snacks, you should give these a try. Moms with young children might want to stick to the strawberry banana version, unless your child really loves tangy and sour sweets. Then this would be right up their alley. (Some kids love sour things. When I worked daycare I had toddlers who loved to suck on lemon wedges.)

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  1. I had intentions of buying these a few weeks back as they were on sale.. little did I know when I returned home and cracked open the box, ate one they were the Strawberry Banana variety. Of course absolute horror crossed my face when thinking these were the Lemonade ones and that it tasted like banana! After realizing my mistake - all good. Still want to try the lemonade ones though, but as I also bought a 24 ct? Strawberry fruit strip thingy, I'm set on fruit snacks for a while yet.