Thursday, May 22, 2014

Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil Couscous - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil Couscous - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
This has been in my cabinet for a while, so I'm not sure if Target still carries this, but I still wanted to post a quickie review. (First world food hoarder problems.) So my boyfriend and I cooked it up and ate it along with some homemade buffalo chicken spring rolls and garlic bread. (It was a very odds and ends kind of night.)

The packaging follows the typical Archer Farms formula, which I have discussed many times before, so I'm going to get right into the review.
This was insanely simple to make. All we had to do was boil water, add the couscous, cover the pot, and eventually fluff with a fork. Done!

Once cooked, it smelled starchy (like more rice-like dishes), but I could also smell garlic and olive oil. The scent was mild, but it was unmistakable.

When it comes to taste, Admittedly I wasn't expecting a boxed couscous to have perfect texture, and I was right. The couscous was a bit on the mushy side, and the garlic flavoring tasted a lot milder than it smelled. If anything, I would think this couscous was cooked up with those decorative bottles of garlic infused Olive oil you can buy at Pier One and Home Goods. The taste isn't impressive, but keeping in mind that this is a convenience item, it wasn't bad.

Sure, it doesn't taste like it's from a 5 star restaurant, but it's from a box. Taking that into consideration, this stuff pretty good. Not only did this come together really fast, but the portions were bigger than I expected. This box is only meant to serve two people, and there was enough couscous in the pot after we made out plates to easily make a third. I might not crave this side dish, but I wouldn't shy away from another box if it was on sale.
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