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Candy Crush Jelly Fish - Gift

Candy Crush Jelly Fish - Gift
Like many Facebook users, I have played my fair share of Candy Crush Saga. (Although I try to play it on the down-low.) Most of you already know what this game is because it is insanely popular, but for those of you who don't, it's basically the love child of Bejeweled and Candyland. Due to it's popularity, Candy Crush has produced it's fair share merchandise, and while these movie theater style boxed candies are a no-brainer, other items seem really out of place

These may look like an obnoxious novelty item, but I've eaten a few of the Candy Crush themed sweets in the past (I even reviewed one), and so far I have been pleasantly surprised. For a novelty candy line, these aren't half bad. Will this Swedish Fish knock-off be just as good as the real thing? Let's find out.

First, let's look at the box. The colors are bright, the logos and text are just as loopy and obnoxious as the ones in the game (Is that PT Banana Split I see?), and the art walks a fine line between being cute and being creepy. Although I love the actual art from the original Candyland board game, I'm not a fan of the art from Candy Crush. Normally I love cute and creepy things, but something about the characters' faces...just feels wrong. When I play the game the story aspect is my least favorite part because I have to look at the characters, so the graphics for this candy box definitely don't appeal to me personally, but I can see how it would appeal to others.

Inside the box is a white plastic bag with the Candy Crush Logo, to keep the candies fresh, and inside of that are several candy fish is all of the colors of the rainbow. (Roy G. Biv.)

These fish shaped candies don't have much of a smell, even under the bright photo lights, and their exteriors feel slightly stiff, similar to Swedish Fish.

Starting from left to right...

Red: (Cherry) Has that the same fruity flavor as a Swedish Fish, which tastes like a mixture of cherry and ligonberry. It doesn't taste like a real cherry you would pick off a tree, but it does a good job of recreating the flavor and texture of Swedish Fish.

: (Orange) starts out zesty, just like a gummy orange slice, but as you chew the orange flavoring becomes slightly more authentic, but it ends sweet and artificially. If you like orange slices and orange jelly beans, this is the fish for you.

: (Lemon) Was really mildly flavored, I could barely taste any lemon or citrus notes at all! What little flavoring I do taste is more like a cleaning product than a candy. I was pretty disappointed with this one.

: (Blue Raspberry Darn, I messed up my rainbow attempt!) Started out nearly as flavorless as the lemon, but as I chewed more of an artificial "blue" flavoring came through. This doesn't taste like raspberries, or blueberries, but it tastes like blue. It has the same flavoring as blue freezer popsicles and Icees, but it's more mild.

: (Lime) About on par with the lemon, there are some zesty notes in the beginning, but the overall flavoring is more artificial and cleaning-product-like than authentic. I usually love lime candies, but this one was too artificial for my tastes.

: (Grape) I only got one of these in my package, and thank goodness for that. The flavor of this thing reminded me of grape flavored cough medicine I used to take as a child. As soon as the flavor kicked in I wanted to spit it out, but I took so much of that medicine as a kid I have a really negative connotation with artificial grape.

I only found two of the seven flavors enjoyable (Cherry and Orange), and the grape gave me horrible flashbacks to childhood medicine. The Fruit Gummies from this line were great, but these Jelly Fish were pretty awful. I wouldn't recommend buying them, if you're craving fish-shaped candies, stick with Swedish Fish. They know what they're doing.
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