Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cappuccino Chips (Lay's Do Us A Flavor) - Wawa

Cappuccino Chips (Lay's Do Us A Flavor) - Wawa
These cappuccino chips definitely get points for creativity, but this contest is about finding a flavor that works well and appeals to the masses. Sure, people love coffee in all forms, but will these actually taste good? Let's find out...

The bag design is the same as the others, this time there's a creamy beige background and a lovely cappuccino, but there's also a stick of cinnamon. Now, I know that adding cinnamon to coffee or espresso before brewing is something that a lot of people do to enhance the flavors and add a little something special (it's also said to help lose weight, but I doubt that with all the added milk and sugar), but it's not a standard part of a cappuccino. Since the flavor doesn't have cinnamon mentioned, it seems really out of place to me.

As you can see the ingredients are surprisingly pronounceable and, dare I say, natural. The one thing that is rather noticeable is that no REAL coffee was used in the making of these chips. We have cappuccino seasoning and natural coffee flavor, but there's no mention of caffeine or coffee grounds. As far as I can tell these chips are covered in powdered creamer, cinnamon, and caffeine-free instant coffee.

I've already posted a youtube video with my initial response and description of this flavor, and I stand by it, so check that out if you're curious.

What I am hoping to do with this post is revisit the flavor (I hate wasting stuff I'mcheap), and see if my opinion will change. Will the flavor grow on me as I finish off the bag? Or will I like it even less?

After a few chips I could still taste the same mild coffee and churro like flavors that I did before, but the bitterness of the coffee flavoring does build up over time. It isn't as if these start tasting intensely of coffee or espresso, in fact I find the coffee flavor itself to be rather weak, but that acidic bitter aftertaste that is only found in coffee started to coat my entire mouth. After a handful of crisps with varying amounts of seasoning, I found that I was building up some nasty coffee breath and my mouth started to feel pretty dry. I started drinking more water to try and balance things out, but after a few more chips I started feeling really put off by them and I didn't want to eat them anymore.

It's safe to say that these did not grow on me. On their own, these chips have all of the negative aspects of coffee. These give you a dry mouth, bad breath, and you get absolutely no energy boost from them. As far as the four flavors go I would say these are almost as bad as the Mango Salsa ones, but I could see these being used in baking and sweets.

These aren't great on their own, but crushed up in a chocolate bar, or served with a chocolate fondue and fruit these might be salvageable.

I wouldn't recommend buying a large bag of these, the mini one found at Wawa will be more than enough, but maybe some intense coffee addicts out there could find these enjoyable, but the typical consumer should most likely pass this one by. (Although my coffee-addicted boyfriend thought they were disgusting, and he is far from a picky eater.)

I'll be really shocked if this one wins, because I think it really doesn't have a chance.
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