Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spotted on the Shelves Entries #18: Target & Walmart

Instant Greek Yogurt Pudding? I think I might have to try this...
Spotted at Target & Walmart
Here are some items I saw while I was out running errands. I'll be submitting them to The Impulsive Buy later this week.
First, there are some new (1/2 fat) ice creams from Edy's
Light chocolate ice cream with caramel and coconut swirls and brownie pieces
Since I am still experiencing my banana obsession, this sounds perfect!
Light banana ice cream, "cherry on top" and fudge swirls.
Light vanilla ice cream with graham cracker swirls and cheese cake pieces.
It seems like the birthday cake craze is still going strong. Admittedly I did buy a bag of these...I wanted to see how they compared to the Oreo variety.
Great news for diabetics and those who can't have sugar! Sugar free Reeses Minis are available at Target!
Maybe this is a sign that the Reeses Oreos are here to stay?
I am not a fan of Lindt chocolates, but this citrus flavor that is only available at Target did grab my attention.
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