Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cranberry Almond Thins - BJ's: Marlton, NJ

Cranberry Almond Thins - BJ's: Marlton, NJ
I took a chance, and bought the big box of the Pistachio Thin Addictives from Nonni's a while ago, and I loved them so much, I thought I should grab this bis ol' box of Cranberry ones too. Cranberry seems like a winter-y flavor, so I might as well review this now before Valentine's candies start taking over my blog.

I discussed the box art in my last Nonni's post, which is still very elegant when compared to it's boxed bulk-store brethren, and not much has changed, so I'll skip over the design-portion and we'll get right into the food review.

Just like before, the thin crisps are individually packaged in sets of three, and the plastic wrapping has the logo and expiration dates clearly visible, and they're very easy to open. Since I blog about my food, having clear, easily readable, expiration dates is a beautiful thing. I can't tell you guys how many times I have eaten/drank expired products. (It's kind of embarrassing.) Thankfully, those items usually don't make it to the blog, but I am cheap frugal, and I like to try and eat them anyway to get my money's worth. Looks like I'm in the clear this time.

Unwrapped, the crisps smell lightly sweet, like a biscotti, and there is a mind hint of almonds and fruit. The fruity aroma isn't very strong, or obviously cranberry, but it has the same fruity aroma that all fruit and nut bars seem to have.

I took a bite, and it was just as delicious as the Pistachio variety! The bits of dried fruit added a chewiness to the crispy texture that I really loved, and the almonds added a different kind of crunch to the already crisp biscuit slice. Texturally, this is wonderful!I get crunchy, crispy, and chewy all in one little treat, and I bet this would be perfect paired with a cup or tea or coffee.

As far as flavoring, this has the same almond-based cookie-like flavoring as the pistachio variety, but the added bits of dried cranberry add a fruity sweetness and a slight tartness, that makes this a lot more interesting and flavorful. I like this flavor a lot more than the pistachio version! (But I love chewy textures and crispy cookies, so the added chewiness mixed with the crunchy nuts and cookie/biscuit is my ideal combination.)

If you like biscotti, this is a wonderfully portioned snack to enjoy with your tea/cocoa/coffee this winter, and it's relatively healthy. Each packet is only 100 calories, so those of you with healthy New Year resolutions can indulge in this little treat. (Plus I found it really satisfying with all of it's textures and flavors, so hopefully it could help curb some snacking cravings.) Plus, it doesn't taste "diet-y," so even if you're not trying to be healthier, I think this is a great snack to toss into your lunch-bag (or purse) so you can satisfy your hunger on the go.
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