Monday, February 23, 2015

Fudge Covered Ritz Crackers - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ

Fudge Covered Ritz Crackers - Wegman's: Cherry Hill, NJ
I posted a photo of these a very very long time ago, and asked if I should check them out. I got one or two responses saying I should go for it, and long story short, they've been sitting in my to-be-reviewed box for nearly two months. (Whoopsie.)

I'm (finally) starting to get through my foodie back-log, so it's time to crack these crackers open and see if they were worth the buy.

The box's design seems fairly simple and straight forward, but there a bit of flair to it. As you can see, we have some multicolored text, images of the chocolate coated crackers,   and some bold, but simple, block coloring. There are a few subtle attentions to detail that really add to the overall design, like the wavy pattern in the red section. That simple pattern adds some faux texturing, which creates a nice contrast to the other solid colors. Plus there's the little chocolate dribble that connects the illustration to the brown color block at the top of the box. It's a simple, but playful design, and I like it quite a bit.

It might be hard to tell in my photos, but this package is smaller than your average box of Ritz crackers. It's special edition, and the crackers are coated in fudge, so the smaller size makes sense. Inside is a plastic tray, similar to prepackaged cookies like Oreos,and the coated crackers are lined up into two neat little rows.

The crackers look just like you'd expect. Each one is coated in a layer of chocolate fudge, so a lot of the cracker detailing is lost, but the buttery and slightly salty aroma lets you know this isn't some kind of cookie.

Visually, they aren't really appealing, or unappealing. They look like some kind of thin chocolate coated cookie or snack, so if you're planning on putting these out at a gathering or party, be sure to snazz them up a bit by putting them on a fancy plate or something.

I'll have to admit, I was skeptical about these when I first saw them. Crackers in general always make we think of savory pairings, like soup, or cheese and cured meats, but chocolate? It seems odd at first, but the more I thought about it, the more normal it sounded. I like chocolate coated potato chips, and that's a weird combination to some, but it's basically the same idea as this.

I took a bite, and they're really good! Almost addicting! When I first posted these online my friend Cat mentioned that she had used chocolate, mint, and Ritz crackers to make faux Thin Mints in the past, and I could really see that working! The crispiness of the cracker is very similar to the crispiness of a Thin mint cookie, and the chocolatey coating works really well with the lightly salted and buttery flavoring of the cracker. When I bought these I thought they'd be a fun novelty, and I thought I'd review it and never buy it again, but I actually want to buy myself another box right now!

The serving size says 4 crackers, and to be honest, as I am writing this review I have eaten almost an entire row out of this package. Which I am sure was not a healthy choice, but these are very addicting. The saltiness balances out the sweetness of the chocolate, so it satisfies both my sweet and savory cravings, and the crunch is really satisfying.

I never expected that I would like these little chocolate coated crackers so much, and if they don't come back next year, I'll definitely be trying out that faux Thin Mint recipe to make my own.
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