Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Vita Honey Lemon Tea - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ

Vita Honey Lemon Tea - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ

"Irreplaceable Taste."  I think I already love this.

I've been wanting to try this for a while, but I never really got around to it. These teas were always restocked, so I figured I might as well buy the specialty/seasonal products that come and go instead of this one that seems to be a grocery staple. It wasn't going anywhere, so there's no rush. Then, a few months ago, one of my former co-workers posted a photo of this on Facebook saying how delicious it was, and that was all the push I needed. Into my cart it went and here we are with the official review!

The bottle is made with a brown tinted plastic that's surrounded by printed shrink wrap. There's no real way to get a clear view of the beverage inside, but I think the wrapping and tinted plastic are meant to keep sun exposure to a minimum, so if that's the case, it functions well. I'm pretty fond of this oddly shaped bottle. It's curvy, fits nicely in my hand, and the top near the cap has this interesting faceted pattern using circles. Those circles kind of got in the way of my photos, it was nearly impossible not to get a glare on one of them, but in person I really liked the look and texturing they added. As for the shrink wrapped design, the droplet-like shapes and simple flat coloring give this a 60's kind of vibe. The typefaces are retro-ish, the bottle is brown, and the illustrations are simple. It doesn't have that anachronistic feeling that other products have, this has a retro-vibe to it and it sticks with it. It might not be the prettiest beverage design out there, but I really like it. I think if they ever changed it I'd be pretty sad. Something about this design creates this fun and nostalgic feeling, even though I'm an 80's baby. (No 60's for me.)
I twisted off the cap and poured this into a little glass with some ice. It looks like your typical iced tea, nothing special there, and it smells like bottled black teas that are available in America from other brands like Gold Peak, but the main difference is that this is sweetened with honey. The honey aroma is pretty strong, almost syrupy, and I can't detect any hints of lemon. (Look at that pour shot! Doesn't it make you want to take a sip? )
I couldn't take it anymore, I took a sip, and it was delicious, but I feel like this is very similar to other bottled teas out there. It's very sweet, they really aren't fooling around with all that honey flavoring, and it has a hint of citrus to prevent this from being too syrupy-tasting.

There might be other similar products out there, but that doesn't mean that this Vita brand doesn't do it well. After my initial review I diluted this a bit with some cold water so it suited my tastes a bit better, and it was really enjoyable. I'm about to finish my last few sips as I write this review, and I'm actually sad that it'll be gone. The more I drank this, diluted, the more and more I liked it.

Black tea is my go-to tea of choice, and honey lemon beverages are my favorite summer drink. Sure this might be a bit sweet, and it's not a healthy kind of tea beverage, but you can add some water to it which will stretch it further and give you more bang for your buck. I really liked this a lot, and I could see myself buying this again on my next trim to the Asian markets. If you like sweetened iced teas, this is definitely worth trying.
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