Saturday, May 16, 2015

Here’s a little taste of the stuff I’m posting over on Instagram.

A lot of the foodie stuff on my Instagram account doesn’t make it to the blog, so check out my account to see what I'm munching on in my daily life. (Or what new stuff I see on the shelves.
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  1. I love Aldi's down here in Atlanta, but you seem to get a lot more specialty items than we do down here. Have you tried their take and bake pizzas yet. The Supreme is a steal for 6.99. Also, the aged cheeses are pretty good too.

    1. I love their Take & Bake pizzas! The supreme is my go-to, since I love veggies, but I do like their specialty ones that come and go. Right now there's a spinach and feta thin-crust Take & Bake that's absolutely amazing! I highly recommend it. (I have a full review on it coming up soon, but special buys are so fickle, you might want to look for it now if you're interested.)