Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lindt Hello We Are Some Chocolate Minis - BJ's Wholesale

Lindt Hello We Are Some Chocolate Minis - BJ's Wholesale
I've been interested in Lindt's "Hello, My Name Is" line for a while, (must resist urge to make a Slim Shady/Eminem reference... I failed), but I didn't want to commit to buying several full chocolate bars when I already have so many other foods to review. I was wandering around BJ's picking up my usual wholesale groceries when this mini bag caught my eye. Now I have the opportunity to try four different flavors and since they are individually wrapped I can easily portion them out and share with others as needed. Sweet! (Booo that was bad and I should feel bad.)

I've mentioned this before but I've never been a fan of Lindt chocolates. They aren't bad, and I know a lot of people really enjoy them, but I find their chocolate bases to be overly sweet, so whatever flavoring is mixed in is usually no where near as bright and flavorful as it could be. I feel like this makes a lot of their products taste the same. Which is especially true with their individually wrapped truffles. Whenever I see them in a candy bowl or dish, I avoid them. (I have some downstairs that were given in a bag of part favors a few weeks ago that I can't bring myself to eat.) Lindt just isn't my favorite brand of chocolate, but I'm a total sucker for interesting packaging and graphic design. When I saw this line for the first time I was totally smitten. I love how playful this is! Lindt's usual packaging and aesthetic is more stuffy and it takes itself very seriously, and this is the complete opposite!

We have rainbow lettering, chalkboard-like imperfect fonts, and even little speech bubbles and doodles? It's so different from everything else I have seen Lindt produce, and it's a breath of fresh air. I figured if the design was so drastically different, and I loved it so much, I should give it a try.

Inside this bag we have four different flavors.
Caramel Brownie: Milk chocolate outside, with caramel, chocolate filling, and little crispy chocolate bite. This tastes sweet and caramel-y, but I'm not getting much "brownie." I really like the caramel flavoring in this, but I wish the bar had been dark chocolate to help offset some of the sweetness.

Cookies & Cream: Same super sweet milk chocolate outside, with caramel, but this time there's a white chocolate/confection filling with crunchy cookie bits. I actually liked this one the most because the filling was more creamy and milky than overly sweet, and the cookie bits added a nice crunch. This is like a softer creamier version of the Hershey's Cookies & Cream products, but coated in milk chocolate. It's pretty darn tasty!(Also, it doesn't spell it CREME, so that's a good sign.)

Crunchy Nougat: Okay, what kind of nougat is this? It's just chocolate with crispy bits in it. The crunchy bits have a lot of delicious hazelnut-like flavoring, and a pleasant texture, but what does any of this have to do with nougat? This was okay, and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, but it's just not nougat-y.

Strawberry Cheesecake: Normally I hate fake strawberry flavored chocolates, but I like this. The filling is very tangy with a hint of strawberry from the crunchy red bits, and the milk chocolate outside isn't overpowering. It's not a candy bar I would ever buy a full size of, but it's way better than I expected.

Out of the four, I found myself going for the Cookies & Cream more than any of the others, which is interesting, since I usually don't like white chocolate confections. My sister really likes the cheesecake and nougat bars, so there's a little something for everyone in this flavor mix. Overall I feel like this is a great gift item, thanks to the beautiful packaging and easy share-ability, but I won't buy this again for myself. If anything I'll be buying a full sized Cookies & Cream bar, but I did like that I could try a lot of the flavors in their line in this mix without having to commit to just one. I hope Lindt comes out with more of these mini-bar mixes so I can try even more flavors in the future.
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