Friday, May 8, 2015

Stride Sour Patch Watermelon Gum- Walmart: Berlin, NJ

Stride Sour Patch Watermelon Gum- Walmart: Berlin, NJ
Brand names collaborating on products is not a new concept, it's been around for ages, but lately these foodie collabs have resulted in some pretty great things! Instead of being a novelty gimmick to trick brand loyalists into spending money on repackaged products, newer products like the Reese's Oreos have been really well formulated! I feel like if this product had been released 10 years ago it would have been the normal PB filled Oreo cookie with the Reese's branding slapped on like a sticker, but companies have been putting more effort into the products, and the quality has really improved.

Take this gum as an example.

The gum industry hasn't been doing well these last few years, and they needed to find a way to bring customers back, and what better way than to make the flavors of their favorite sugary snacks sugarless and guilt free?

Stride and Sour Patch have teamed up to make gum flavors that are similar to their jelly-candy line, and I think it's a really cool idea. Although I've only tried the red-berry version so far, it was pretty enjoyable, and I'm excited to see how this watermelon version works out. Especially since those sour watermelon slices were one of my favorite candies growing up.

As a kid, I spent my summers down the Jersey shore where there are tons of candy shops, and a rare treat would be when I was allowed to buy a few candies in the pick-a-mix section. I'd always go for sour watermelon slices and wax soda bottles, so both of those treats always make me think of summer, and with summer quickly approaching, there's no better time to relive that memory.

The outside of this packaging is very playful and it follows the same layout as  the red-berry version, but the cool (and highly detailed) doodle-like inside-design is completely unique. We have a similar path/road with text, but all of the little drawings are unique to this flavor, and that's a detail I really love. It's so cool that the designers get to have this much fun designing this product. I love it!

The gum inside smells sweet, like artificial watermelon, and not at all tangy.

I popped a green stick of gum into my mouth and, as far as flavoring, it's surprisingly accurate!

This starts out tasting very similar to the gummi watermelon slices I grew up with, and the only noticeable difference is that this gum is significantly less sour. Since there is no sour citric acid sanding sugar outside, like the real candy, this gum doesn't pack the same tangy sour punch, but the flavoring is similar and very enjoyable. It's almost like the watermelon slices without the sour coating but, like all of these fancy flavored chewing gums, the flavoring just doesn't last. It starts out very bold and flavorful, but after a few minutes, it fades to a very mild artificial watermelon that is more like a watermelon water ice. The faded flavoring is still enjoyable, but it's not as good as when you first started chewing. (Then again what gum really has lasting power these days?)

The chew is slightly stiffer than what I prefer, and it's not suitable for blowing bubbles, but I'd say this is the best novelty gum I've reviewed in quite some time. Unlike a lot of the other novelty flavors I've been reviewing,  I could easily see myself going through this pack, and I'll be sad when it's gone. With that being said, this is a pretty great product. (I even shared some with my sister and she loves it.)

Sour Patch gum might not be very sour, but the flavorings have been bright and refreshing, and I can't say I've disliked any of the flavors I've tried. As far as novelty collaboration products go, this is not just a gimmick, the product is actually good! I hope these stick around for a long time, and if you like watermelon gummies/slices, this gum is really worth checking out.
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