Sunday, September 6, 2015

Teaser Photos

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I had an early labor day BBQ at my place and I spent the whole day preparing for it. I took a few photos of some fancy condiments we used, and some fancy Aldi pickles, but I'll have to type up those reviews tomorrow.

I'm going to my grandfather's house to paint a room for him today, so I won't be able to type up any more reviews until as bit later. (FYI: I used to be a painter for my stepdad's construction company, so I'm awesome at it.)
In the meantime, here are some photos I took for the Candyology 101 podcast header, and some teaser photos of things to come!


  1. Though i was able to try Reese's Puffs (the cereal) yesterday and fell in love with it instantly!, i never really liked the peanut butter cups. For me it's just too sweet and way too much peanutbutter at once ^^
    But! I'm really curious what the ice teal like looking drink is all abaout! ^^

    Hope your BBQ and Labor Day was amazing! (Don't have a bad feeling about having a good time instead of writing reviews that can wait ^^)

    1. Thanks, I'll still write a review or two today, but I won't stress out about it.

      Also, peanut butter breakfast cereals are one of my favorites. I love Peanut Butter Crunch the most. <3

    2. I'm more the honey/caramel lover when it comes to cereals (and lucky charms of course xD). That's why i was so disappointed we won't ever get French Toast Crunch here in Germany and am still eager to get my hands on a pack of "Cap’n Crunch Caramel Popcorn Crunch" (i will not give up! ;))

      My girlfriend though loves peanut butter and all the reese's products, so i think she's also on team "peanut butter". ^^
      One question though: I always thought the cap'n's version of peanut butter cereal is (when it comes to taste and popularity) a bit behind the reese's puffs and peanut butter toast crunchs. What makes them your favorite cereal? (Especially ompared to the peanut butter toast crunchs, 'cause my girlfriend loves cinnamon toast crunch (i mean who doesn't?) and i think she would devour a whole pack of the peanut butter version of them instantly xD)

      PS: I know i'm bothersome, but there was a cereal related question in my "deleted" comment to the pebbles cereals too. Any chance you can look over this question again? :)

    3. French Toast Crunch is really more on the cinnamon and maple syrup side of things than honey or caramel, but it is quite interesting. I grew up with it, so now that it's back it's really nostalgic. (Although I think Canada always had it.)

      I haven't had the Peanut Butter Toast Crunch, but I have had the Reese's Puffs. What I like about Peanut Butter Captain Crunch is that is is just peanut butter flavored, not chocolate. The Reese's Puffs tend to be a mixture of the two, which is okay, but I like a purely peanut butter cereal a lot more.


      Sorry, I accidentally deleted the original comment while on my mobile:
      As a cereal LOVER i really have to ask you something again (sorry :()...

      I was never a fan of froot loops and i still don't like them. So Fruity Pebbles and Trix are at the end of my "cereals i have to try before i die"-list (if they even were on that list), 'cause i'm really confident, that i don't like them either. But!: I love Cocoa Krispies aka Choco Krispies (or coco pops as they were called when i was younger ^^) in Europe. Given i just discovered the fact, that Fruity pebbles are also made of puffed rice (i always thaught they are just normal cornflakes with fruit flavor) they got pretty interesting again... xD

      Do you think it's safe to say, that i don't need to try them, 'cause i never got the idea of the mixed fruit flavor cereals and never thaught they taste good or fruity?
      Or can't you compare froot loops with fruity pebbles? Are they completely different from each other and i need to try fruity pebbles, 'cause i love puffed rice cereals? ^^

      My response:
      If you're not a fan of fruit loops and fruity flavored cereals, I'd say it's in your best interest to avoid the Fruity Pebbles line. They have a similar generic fruity flavoring, and it's a bit on the tangy citrus fruit end of things. (Also, Fruit Loops are all the same flavor, just differently colored, and cereals like Trix and Fruity Pebbles are the same. All the shapes and colors have the same fruity flavoring and there is no flavor variation in the box.)

      Fruity Pebbles is similar in texture to cornflakes, but a bit softer, so they get soggy very quickly in milk, and if you're not a fan of fruity flavorings, I think you best stay away from this line.

    4. Maria you're awesome! That's an amazing reply that i never hoped for. :)
      You probably saved me from buying something i would regred awfuly afterwards. I'm still kinda curious how "rice flakes" (since pebbles are made of rice and look like corn flakes ^^) taste and feel, but i think i have to go with cocoa pebbles then to satisfy the curiosity.

      As i said, i'm more the honey/caramel/maple lover when we talk about cereals. (and of course cinnamon is amazing too ^^), so french toast crunch could be excactly my kind of cereal. (especially when you consider, that i love french toast and/or pancakes ^^)
      Thanks again for your reply and the little cereal/foodie talk. It's always great to talk about your own passion with like-minded people and get a bit crazy over food ^^