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Australian Banana m&m's - eBay

Australian Banana m&m's - eBay
Welp, I have way more food than I will ever need, and I'm super behind on writing food reviews, so what do I do? I buy even more food on the internet! Yes, I know, I'm the most practical person in the world and I totally do not have a problem with food and food hoarding. Nope, not me. Anyway, these are Australian m&m's and I bought them on eBay, which is something I very rarely ever do. Why buy even more candy? Because they're banana flavored of course! (That makes it okay.)

When compared to the Pecan Pie m&m's that came out here in the US, this packaging is much sleeker.

The American flavored m&m's are packaged in large horizontal-oriented plastic bags which feel like mini sacks of potatoes. The plastic used in America is thin and cheaply made, so there are always creases, folds, and bit of glare that I need to worry about when I'm photographing everything for the blog, but this Australian version? It's practically photo-ready! It's a bit smaller (200 grams vs. the American 280.7 grams), and it's made of thicker plastic that crinkles and creases less. This banana packaging is also vertically oriented with a gusseted bottom! What does all that mean? It means this is less of a pain in the butt to photograph! This banana bag stands on it's own and it's sturdy enough to hold it's shape without collapsing, and I love it! It's still really glossy, but it looks so much nicer in photographs than the plastic-sacks that the American flavors come in.

For the record, we do have similar packaging to this in the states, but it's usually for snacking style bags of the permanent flavors, not seasonal or limited edition sweets.

Also, the nutritional information panel looks totally different! Check that out!

I wish American flavored m&m's were packaged like this. As a food blogger who tries to hunt down every single seasonal flavor, it gets overwhelming! I want to buy all these bags and try all these flavors, but then I'm stuck with a whole bag. I eat everything I purchase, so when a new flavor comes out every month, I end up drowning in m&m's! Eating candy should never turn into a chore, so for me, these smaller bags are way better.

Okay, we get it, I love the bag, but get to the candy!

Inside the bag we have three banana-themed colors of m&m's. We have a classic dark brown, a bright cool-toned yellow, and a warmer golden yellow.
As soon as I opened the bag the banana-y scent reminded me of my beloved Meiji Banana Choco, which are amazing, but not easy to find in my area. I'm so excited! Okay, I can't take it anymore. I've gotta try them!

I popped one of the candies into my mouth...and it was good...but sadly not as good as Banana Choco. The banana flavoring is nearly the same as the one that Meiji uses, which is sweet, creamy, pretty authentic, and slightly caramelized, but the chocolate quality is that of a typical m&m, which is okay, but not great. Banana Choco have this soft almost fudge-y chocolate texturing that melts in your mouth making them irresistible, by comparison, these are good, but the dry and crumbly m&m texturing is holding these back.

If I had never had Banana Choco I'd be over the moon for these candies. They have some great banana flavoring, which blends nicely with chocolate, and you get the added crunch of the crisp candy shell. They're really good, but I've been spoiled by the wonderfulness that is Meiji and their banana flavored sweets.

Were these worth the buy? SURE! I regret nothing and I'm sure I'll be able to finish this little bag off without any trouble at all. But would I buy them online again? No. If I'm buying a chocolate banana candy online it's going to be Meiji. They are just that good!

If you're looking for a bag of these for yourself, they seem like they're getting harder and harder to find. If you find a link to some, be sure to share it in the comments. 
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