Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lifesavers Gummies Paradise Mix - Walmart

Lifesavers Gummies Paradise Mix - Walmart
Ignore the "new" tag on these gummies, they've been out for nearly 2 years. (Come on Lifesavers, stop milking it!) Even though they're far from new, I've never had them so I thought I'd give them a shot. Lifesavers gummies are usually pretty good quality, so I have high hopes for these.  

As far as the packaging is concerned, this follows the same layout as the other flavors in the Gummy-savers line, with a few fruity change ups in regards to flavor and coloring. It's a little obnoxious, but it still works. (My favorite part of the entire thing are the fruit images scattered around the top of the bag.) If you turn the bag over....
Oh, oh no....That was bad and you should feel bad. At least it's better than the last Lifesavers package I had. If memory serves...they made a "YOLO" joke. I think the design team for this company does a great job with layouts, and I usually love their products, but these jokes? They're stale and painful. Come on guys, you're better than this!

Inside the bag we have 4 different flavors:

Strawberry Acai
(pink) - Starts out sweet and kind of flavorless, with a tangy strawberry finish. Kind of like a slightly unripe berry, but in a good way.

Blueberry Pomegranate (blue) - This is so mild! What is with all blueberry flavored things being so weak and unimpressive? Those Aldi Super Berries must have spoiled me. Compared to those, this is pretty pathetic. I was expecting something more intense and flavorful, since it is bright blue and all, but it's pretty darn weak.

Pineapple Mango (yellow) - Sweet, slightly mango-y, with a pine apple finish. I wish the pineapple part of things was a bit tangier, but this is a pretty solid flavor.
Cherry Yumberry (red) - I'm not sure what "yumberry" is,  but this just tastes like classic Lifesavers cherry to me. It's enjoyable for what it is, but it seems really out of place in this mix. What about classic red cherry flavoring says "paradise?"

Normally I love Lifesavers gummies, but this time they've left me cold. This mix is okay, but I've had way better flavor combinations in other bags. I still really like this brand, but this flavor mix was a definite flop for me.
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  1. When the exotics mix comes out, this flavor will have only a limited supply available before it gets fully discontinued in April or May of next year

  2. I actually like the blue one. I am thinking of picking out all the blue ones and putting them in the exotics mix to make a 6 flavor exotic mix:

    Red - Fuji Apple
    Orange - Mandarin Orange
    Yellow - Lemon Star Fruit
    Green - Asian Pear
    Blue - Blueberry Pomegranate
    Purple - Raspberry Dragon Fruit

    1. They should introduce blueberry flavored life savers in the wild berry mix instead of Cherry berry

  3. Next flavor mix: Neons (2017)

  4. I would like to buy these for class this Monday

  5. Bring these too macon ga ima big fan donate sharing is caring cmon