Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lemonhead & Friends Fruit Flavored Breath Mints - Dollar Tree

Lemonhead & Friends Fruit Flavored Breath Mints - Dollar Tree
I saw these breath mints at the dollar tree and I really liked the colors and the packaging. I don't have high hopes for the candy itself, but I could resist giving it a try. (Plus it was cheap, so no major loss if these are gross.)

The plastic container is made with surprisingly thick plastic. This stuff is way thicker than your standard Tic-Tac case, and it has this cute little bite taken out of the bottom. Even with that little bite mark, this still stand upright all on it's own, and the colors are really appealing. Not bad for a dollar store product.

Each of the candies inside are tear-drop shaped, glossy, and they correspond to a fruity Lemonhead & Friends flavor.

Lemon (yellow)  - not very flavorful at all! It took a while before I could taste anything, and when I finally did, it was a little zesty, kind of like a sugared lemon rind. When I crunched it up the inside was a bit tangier, but it was really artificial and unappealing. Like a more artificial version of those white Bomb Pop Tic-Tacs. Okay, but not great.

Orange (orange) - again, it took a while to get going, but once I got past the shiny coating this tasted like orange baby aspirin. Really medicinal and I found it to be extremely unappealing. Then again, I don't like orange Tic-Tacs either. Maybe if you like those this flavor will appeal to you, but it is not for me.

Apple (green) - Very mild, and oddly enjoyable for a green apple flavored breath mint. It was a bit on the floral side of things, but the crunchy inside was tangy and tart. Normally I hate green apple, but this was my favorite of the bunch! I wish that evil green apple Skittle tasted like this.
Grape (dark purple)- Nope! This was a big ol' nope for me. It reminded me of purple Sweetarts, Pixie Stix, and children's cold medicine. Easily my least favorite.

(red) - Slightly medicinal cherry flavor, kind of like a cough drop, but not that bad. I like the flavoring of the shell a lot more than the crunchy insides, which was more intense and essential oil-like.

Overall, these were not a great breath mint, or a candy. I didn't feel like any of these flavors gave me fresher breath, and other than the green apple, none of them were enjoyable. This has interesting packaging, but I can't see anyone truly enjoying these. If you see them at your local dollar store, I'd suggest leaving them there.
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  1. I personally liked them. They are a refreshing change from the ordinary TicTac.

  2. I use the box of these candies as a minibong to get high