Friday, December 11, 2015

Project 7 Gingerbread Snap Gum - Target

Project 7 Gingerbread Snap Gum - Target
I may be all Scrooge-y about Christmas, but I have to admit...Project 7's seasonal gum is really cute. This smiling gingerbread man has melted my icy Christmas-hating heart with his adorable little cookie face, so into my cart he went.

Needless to say, the packaging is the number 1 reason why I bought this stuff. (How could I say no to those shiny black icing eyes?) We've got the unique resealable pouch that Project 7 is known for, which is sadly non-recyclable, and the overall design is clean, but fun. The text choices are modern, with just enough imperfections to keep the product looking playful, and the flavor-related imagery adds a splash of color. I absolutely love this concept and design, plus, money from your purchase goes towards helping people. If this little pouch were recyclable, it would be absolutely perfect in my book, but sadly, it's not. 

I had to rip the little gingerbread man's face off to open the pouch, which made me sadder than any sane person should be when opening a package of gum. Then again, I think we all know I'm far from sane at this point. (Remember that weird IKEA commercial with the lamps? I am the person who felt sorry for the lamp.) 
Once opened, the gum inside the pouch smells like artificial sweetener and brown sugar with a hint of cinnamon. The aroma is so where near as ginger-y as I expected, and now that I've taught myself to like ginger by eating extremely ginger-intense candies like Chimes Ginger Chews, this seems kind of watered down to me. Maybe it'll taste more intense? 
I popped a piece into my mouth, and the outer shell is sweet, vanilla-ish, and crunchy. The insides? It's more flavorful than it smelled, but it is still really mild by my standards. It starts out very very sweet with a hint of Pepperidge Farms Gingerbread Men, but the flavoring is not that intensely spiced or ginger at all. It kind of gives me a molasses-kind of feel once all the spiced flavoring fades away, which is pleasant, but not what I was hoping for. 
The packaging is super cute, and I love this company, but this gum is just "good." Not great. It's pleasant, and enjoyable, but it's not as bold as I wanted it to be. In my mind, this was going to be a warm and spicy ginger flavoring with a hint of vanilla. But this is more like a chai latte with 2-times the milk. This flavor had a lot of potential, but it played it too safe as far as it's execution is concerned. It's disappointing for me as an adult, but I can see why they did it. I'm sure a lot of kids will be getting this as a stocking stuffer, and I doubt an intense ginger flavor is all that popular among American children. I liked this gum, and I love the company, but I wouldn't buy it again. 
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  1. i'm just curious, 'cause we don't have such christmas flavors for our gum here:
    Does this also provide the tingeling "sensation" you get from the cinnamony big red from wrigleys?

    1. This specific gum doesn't have that classic cinnamon-y tingle. It's very mild and not as spicy and a standard cinnamon chewing gum, like Big Red. Compared to this, Big Red is much more intense and spicy. This is more vanilla-heavy and creamy, like a chai latte, but with lots of extra milk.

    2. ah thank you so much for the answer maria! :)
      It really explains why you were kinda disappointed by those gums. It still sounds like a nice and tasty gum flavor, but definitively not like gingerbread flavor... not as i would hope for. ^^