Saturday, January 23, 2016

Dark Chocolate Mints - Trader Joe's

Dark Chocolate Mints - Trader Joe's
Remember how I said I went overboard buying stuff for the Trader Joe's podcast for Candyology 101? Well, I think I finally made my way through that stash! It took months...but I did it! (Small victories, right?) Back when we recorded I bought these mints for the first time, and I absolutely loved them, and I even talked about them on the show. I meant to review them but...I ate them all. So I bought another bag to review. Then promptly ate that entire bag as well. So here we are, I don't even know how many bags later, but I'm finally able to review them for you guys to spread the word about how awesome these mints are. (What can I say, I have no self control.)

As far as packaging is concerned, there's not much to this, but it's an impulse buy product that's at the checkout lane, so it's not like they would do anything crazy and go all out with the design or anything. For what this is, it works and it's really appealing. There are two other flavors in this line with similar packaging and different color schemes. For the mints, we have a lovely (almost) Tiffany's blue background, a couple images of the actual mints, and product information written in classic clean typefaces. It's super appealing without trying too hard. Which is exactly what you want in an impulse item. 
Inside this plastic pouch are oval shaped mints that could easily be mistaken white Jordan almonds, but they'e slightly smaller and they smell minty. Which is a dead giveaway. The minty aroma is mild, and slightly vanilla'd, kind of like those candy coated chocolate after dinner mints some local restaurants here in Jersey sell in candy machines. Like those old fashioned ones where you put a quarter in, turn a crank, and get a handful of some (most likely stale) candy. (As a kid, they were the best part of eating out. I ate so many of those things, stale or not, I  wasn't picky!) 
These things are just...awesome. The outer shell is crunchy, yet creamy, like the coating of those wonderfully addicting Cadbury Mini Eggs, and the minty center is fondant-like in consistency, similar to a York peppermint patty. There's a thin layer of dark chocolate to balance out all the sugary sweetness, but it's a different ratio than your typical mint patty, and the candy shell adds a delicious crunch that other mint chocolate candies lack. I think these are absolutely addicting, and my favorite way to eat them is to let them sit on my tongue until the chocolate layer melts slightly allowing me to crack the outer shell off and leave the minty egg-shaped fondant center for last. 

If you like mint candies, or after dinner mints, this is a perfectly portioned pouch to toss into your car or purse to satisfy your sweet tooth, while also (slightly) freshening your breath. I've already gone through countless bags before finally getting around to reviewing this, even with my food hoard and backlog, so I think that let's you know that these things are pretty darn yummy and worth checking out.
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  1. These are like York mints that York came out several years ago. It is brilliant that they blend seamlessly to make something taste so good

  2. Trader Joe's has evidently discontinued these wonderful Mints. :-(
    Do you know anywhere else to get them, or a comparable alternate?

    1. Oh no! That's terrible news! I am going to have to buy up what I can find and I'll let you know if I can find any comparable minty morsels. ;_;